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Health of Eden specializes in nutritional supplements, formulated and manufactured locally by Nature's Products in Eden, Utah.
In numerous tests, the free radical scavenging ability of ActiVin™ was shown superior to vitamin E, vitamin C and beta-carotene.

Inhibition of peritoneal macrophage-produced free radicals in vivo
Chemiluminescence Response
                                   ActiVin   Vitamin E   Vitamin C   Beta-carotene
Dosage (ActiVin, E and C-100 mg/kg; Beto·carotene-50mg/kg)

Inhibition of peritoneal macrophage-produced free radicals in vivo
Cytochrome c Reduction
                                   ActiVin   Vitamin E   Vitamin C   Beta-carotene
Dosage (ActiVin, E and C-100 mg/kg; Beto·carotene-50mg/kg)

When it comes to pine bark and grape seed extracts, there's a lot of talk about monomers, dimers, trimers, oligomers, etc. There's also talk about Bate-Smith, Porter or Procyanidolic Values and Gallic Acid Equivalents. But don't let the chemistry confuse you. None of these tell you whether the product actually works!

While the chemistry of a particular compound is useful for monitoring manufacturing batches, it doesn't really tell you how effective the product is. Only biological studies show this, and only ActiVin™ has been shown in groundbreaking university studies to have significantly greater anti-oxidant activity than vitamins C, E and beta-carotene in a wide range of biological tests (see charts).

Both in vitro (test tube) and in vivo (living systems) studies show that ActiVin™ is a potent free radical scavenger, and a powerful inhibitor of free radical-induced cellular damage. Importantly, ActiVin™ is bioavailable. In vivo studies show that ActiVin™ is absorbed and delivered to the tissues where its ability to protect DNA and cell membrane lipids against free radical attack was significantly greater than that of vitamins C, E and beta-carotene.

The ActiPure™ Difference
ActiVin™ promotes good health in other ways as well. It's made by a totally new, clean way to extract f1avonoids without using toxic chemicals. This unique patent pending process is called ActiPure™ and the result is a product that's safe to consume and environmentally friendly to produce; no dumping toxic chemicals down the drain or cutting trees to obtain the bark.
In addition, by eliminating the need for harsh chemical solvents, the ActiPure™ process produces a broad Spectrum of biologically active f1avonoids. Just as studies show that a combination of different carotenoids may be more beneficial than beta-carotene alone, the high levels of proanthocyanidins plus other polyphenolic compounds in ActiVin™ result in a natural, high-potency product. .ActiVin™ is a nutritional ingredient manufactured by Dry Creek Nutrition, Inc. located in Modesto, California


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