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Acupuncture can play a role in beauty and beauty, especially for acne, melasma, skin allergies, eczema, flat warts, and alopecia areata.

Chinese medicine beauty has generally entered the beauty salons to show its dialectical theory, internal and external application, the theoretical guidance of the specimen with the same rule, and love everyone’s welcome. According to the theory of Meridianism, the use of non -drug therapy can also achieve the effect of beauty. Acupuncture therapy for acupuncture, ear therapy, thoring blood therapy, acupuncture therapy, water acupuncture therapy, smoked therapy.

Acupuncture therapy is suitable for acne, melasma, skin allergies, urticaria, eczema, etc., and patients with hemorrhagic diseases and heart disease are disabled. Blood Sea, Wind City, Feishu, Shenshu, Zusanli, Sanyinjiao, Changqiang and Aya acupoints. In the case of special needs, you can take acupoints locally, follow the meridians or take acupoints. Ear acupoint therapy is suitable for flat warts, allergic skin diseases. Those with eczema and other lesions on the ear are disabled. Generally, there are three kinds of stimuli, namely ear needle thorns, ear buried needles, and ear buried pills (Chinese medicine king does not leave). Acupoints are 2-3 on the corresponding acupoints on the same side.

Ear acupuncture pressure can be used to choose chloasma, kidney, kidney, spleen, and cheeks. It can be equipped with internal genitals, screen tips, and ears. Generally, change the medicine once every 3 days, and 5 times as a course of treatment. Treatment of traditional Chinese medicine, western medicine and other therapies was discontinued to prevent sun exposure during treatment, and the effective rate reached 97.7%. Stabbing therapy is suitable for alopecia areata, limited IV dermatitis, chronic eczema, etc. Pregnant women, halo and hemorrhagic diseases are banned.

The plum blossom needle (seven -star needle) is used as a piercing method, a thorns, or an alopecia areata. It is usually bleeding from the introvert to the outside and outside. After a few rounds of alopecia areata, you can apply the medicinal solution to the local. Spirit blood therapy is adapted to swelling, hair folliculitis and acne in the head. Pregnant woman. Hemorrhagic diseases and halo needle are disabled. The method first massage 10-20 times in the middle acupoint. Alcohol disinfection is pierced into the middle acupoint with 2-3cm long needles. After 15 minutes of the needle, pull out the needle and squeeze the needle eye. Bleeding 1-2 drops as a degree, once the next day, 5-8 times as a course of treatment.

Smoked therapy is a moxa or moxa made of moxa, burning or smoked roasting acupuncture points or the affected area to cause the local warm or light burning stimulation to adjust the physiological function of the human body, improve the body’s resistance to the body’s resistance force. Using beauty can treat kidney yang deficiency and brown spot; those with kidney yang can moxibustion the foot of the foot, the blood sea, and the valley. The smoked strips ignite the smoke, the fire head and the skin are voluntary warmth, each time it is 30 minutes.

Water needle therapy is mostly used in patients with chloasma, shooting blood circulation and removing blood stasis injections in the noodles, generally selected points; welcoming incense, people, sun, cheeks, yangbai, Yintang. Each acupoint is injected with 0.5ml drugs. Once once a day, 10 times for a course of treatment.

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