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Acupuncture can correct abnormal appetite to help lose weight

Winter is a annoying season for many people, not only because of cold weather, but also because winter is a season that is easy to grow meat. It is easy to lose weight but do not want to exercise. It is very distressed. Now there are many beauty institutions that have launched acupuncture to lose weight, but excessive touting makes many people hesitate, so before that, let’s take a look at acupuncture to lose weight.

Acupuncture can reduce the level of basic gastric activity through the nerve regulation system and delay the stomach empty after meals, and inhibit excessive gastric acid secretion and correct abnormal appetite. In addition, acupuncture regulation nerves make people feel weak and not hungry.

Acupuncture can achieve weight loss by regulating endocrine disorders and accelerating fat metabolism. Acupuncture also stimulates acupuncture points, which can make blood glucose to normal levels, make the fat tissue accumulated in the body decomposed and accelerate, inhibit the synthesis of fat, and balance the body’s fat metabolism, thereby achieving the purpose of weight loss.

In the winter, people’s appetite is getting better, and they eat and drink unknowingly. The excess “heat” every day becomes “new fat”, and it is piled up in the waist, abdomen, hips, and neck that is usually the most difficult to exercise, forming what we usually call fat.

In the past, Meimei always mistakenly thought that summer was the best season to lose weight in the year. Therefore, every early summer, the Mei Mei launched a slimming plan. In addition, the summer itself is prone to “sweat” and consumes fat. The fat “disappears” quickly.

Doctors said that winter is the most critical season for women to lose weight. If you can control your weight in this most obesity season and make all parts of your body well, then you don’t have to worry about the body’s body will gain weight in the coming year.

People and everything are the same as the laws of “spring, summer, autumn harvest, and winter collection”. Winter is the best season for people to store calories and fat. Compared with summer, winter is the season when people’s spleen and stomach transportation function is low. When the human body’s transportation is low, the nutrients that are eaten into are difficult to transform into qi and blood, and can only be converted into accumulated fat. Therefore, it is better to start losing weight from winter to prevent and treat it. It is a wise approach.

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