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Acupuncture “from the external governance” effect of multi

Acupuncture is one of the traditional Chinese characteristic therapies. It is a treatment method “from external governance”. Frequent acupuncture can play a role in adjusting the qi, relieving fatigue, and increasing immune function. What are the effects of acupuncture? What are the precautions after acupuncture? Let’s take a look together.

Three great effects of acupuncture

1. Dredging the meridian

The role of dredging the meridians is to make the meridian unobstructed and play its normal physiological role. It is the most basic and direct treatment role of acupuncture. The meridian “is a viscera, the outside is the limbs”, and running qi and blood is one of its main physiological functions. The meridians are not connected, and the operation of qi and blood is blocked. The clinical manifestations are symptoms such as pain, numbness, swelling, and ecchymosis. Acupuncture chooses the corresponding acupuncture and acupuncture techniques and triangular acupuncture and bleeding bleeding to make meridian smooth, and the qi and blood are running normally.

2, reconcile yin and yang

The role of acupuncture and yin and yang is to transform the body from the imbalance of yin and yang to the state of balance. It is the purpose of the ultimate to be achieved by acupuncture treatment. The mechanism of the disease is complicated, but it can be summarized as yin and yang imbalance from general. The role of acupuncture and yin and yang is completed through the attributes of yin and yang, meridian acupoints and acupuncture methods.

3. Righteousness and dispel evil

The role of acupuncture to righteousness and evil is to help the body’s righteousness and dispel disease. The process of disease and the process of returning is essentially the process of righteousness and evil. Acupuncture and treatment is to play the role of righteousness and evil.

Precautions after acupuncture

1. Don’t overwork

After accepting acupuncture, do not over -fatigue, the fatigue of the body often reduces the effect of acupuncture. This is because acupuncture has opened up the meridians of the human body, and the opening of the meridians needs to be meditated. Patty energy is a prerequisite for ensuring that acupuncture surgery is fully recovered.

2. Try not to take a bath

After the acupuncture is completed, you must pay attention to the bath time. Try to wait for about two hours, wait for the wound to heal and take a bath. Acupuncture is a compassion, including a lot of content and methods. For example, acupuncture also contains other treatment methods, such as acupoint buried line treatment, fire needle treatment, thorns hemorrhagic treatment, small needle knife treatment, and so on. These different treatments also determine when to take a bath after treatment.

3. Do a good job of protection

Acupuncture uses tools such as silver acupuncture to achieve disease prevention and treatment. After acupuncture surgery, we must do a good job of protection. Do not cool down, otherwise the acupuncture effect will be reduced. If you are facial and head acupuncture, try to wear a mask or a soft hat when you go out.

4. Pay attention to diet mix

After acupuncture, it should also be combined with daily diet to carry out post -reducing and nourishing. Acupuncture will lose some energy of the human body and need to be supplemented in a timely and effective supplement through food. Try to eat some lighter foods, avoid spicy stimulating food, and beef and mutton. Too greasy foods will cause excessive oil secretion of acupuncture parts to form a blockage.

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