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Acupuncture to lose weight depends on personal constitution

The best effect of acupuncture to lose weight is the obesity after adulthood. The most suitable age is between 20-40 years old. Especially those who are obese in the abdomen, regulate through the meridians, acupuncture points, have a prominent weight loss effect on the accumulation of abdominal fat; secondly, for those who are too wet in the body, they can diuretic and sweat through acupuncture The role of weight loss is achieved;

Obesity is generally divided into two types: pathological obesity and physiological obesity. Patients with pathological obesity can be treated with acupuncture to improve the purpose of weight loss. For physiological obesity, acupuncture weight loss method is basically invalid.

Some obese people are hungry because of excessive secretion of stomach acid, so they have a strong sense of hunger, and they have always had an urge to eat. This kind of obese is generally called “stomach fire”. The function of acupuncture is to reduce the stomach fire of the obesity , Reduce or inhibit the aspiration of hyperthyroidism, thereby reducing the amount of food, avoiding excessive eating, and suppressing its gastrointestinal digestion and absorption function;

The cause of the fatter’s fat is due to inertial constipation, acupuncture can achieve a laxative effect; there is also menopausal women obesity. Due to the small amount of activity and endocrine disorders in this period, if the diet is not strictly controlled, it is very very good. It is easy to accumulate fat, causing obesity, and acupuncture achieves weight loss by regulating the body’s endocrine.

It should be noted that patients with the following situations are not suitable for acupuncture to lose weight:

1. During the illness, it is not suitable for acupuncture to lose weight. 2. Hemorrhagic diseases such as patients with hemophilia, people with disorder of coagulation mechanism and anemia. 3. Obligations have not been donated for less than a month. 4. Diseases. 5. Poor heart function, if there are patients with a writing.

Here we must solemnly remind people to prepare acupuncture to lose weight. At present, acupuncture and weight loss in the society are many, and the treatment institutions are also mixed with fish and dragons. They must choose to obtain medical units approved by the relevant departments and qualified medical units. And conditioning.

Related: In the process of acupuncture to lose weight, it does not emphasize excessive control of diet, and is not advocated to take hunger therapy. However, acupuncture and diet are better. Here is a reference acupuncture weight loss recipe:

Breakfast: a glass of white soy milk (sugar -free)+a piece of whole wheat bread (or) skimmed milk+egg white

Chinese food: one or two meters+a little vegetarian vegetable (the best boiled water)

Dinner: Eat before 6 o’clock. You can choose tomatoes, cucumbers, cold dishes.

The better the dinner time, the better, not more than 7 o’clock. Fasting 5 hours before bedtime.

(Intern editor: Li He)

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