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Acupuncture to lose weight needs to cooperate with diet conditioning

Winter is a difficult time for weight loss for many people. Not only is it because the cold does not want to exercise, but also because the appetite of people in such weather is always easy to eat more. So in order to avoid gaining weight, we can lose weight through acupuncture to lose weight. It can make you thinner with small pain, no side effects, and no need to diet.

Advantages of acupuncture to lose weight

1. TCM acupuncture to lose weight is suitable for adult obesity patients. Only after the body is mature, can it be easily adjusted and promote the decomposition of fat, thereby achieving weight loss.

2. Acupuncture to lose weight is mainly through the adjustment of the meridians to adjust the inherent function of the human body and promote metabolism, thereby achieving the purpose of balance. As long as acupuncture is successful, developing healthy living habits can basically maintain a good figure.

Although acupuncture weight loss has many other advantages that other weight loss methods cannot match, in the process of acupuncture weight loss, you also need to pay attention to adjusting your diet and you cannot diet at arbitrarily. disfunction. And there must be a balanced one is the plan. Eat more fruits and vegetables. Each meal is controlled at seven minutes. In this way, the effect of acupuncture to lose weight will be better.

Acupuncture to lose weight reasonable diet is effective:

Weight loss recipe 1

Breakfast: a copy of the tofu brain, a boiled egg, and 100g of dried kimchi or radish.

Lunch: 300g of mushroom rabbit meat, 300 grams of fried beans, or 300g of fried lotus white, tofu soup or winter melon soup.

Dinner: 100g of boiled shrimp, dried beans of leeks, 100g of cold carrots, one served with seaweed soup, 100g of tomatoes after meals.

Weight loss recipe 2

Breakfast: 250g of fresh milk, three quail eggs, 200g of cold cucumber.

Lunch: Steamed catfish or 200g of carrot -roasted beef, 300g of fried soybean sprouts, a copy of pea soup, and a copy of cold rape.

Dinner: 250g of braised rabbit meat, 100g of stir -fried spinach or other fried dishes, 100g of cold radish shredded, or 100g of celery, and the fruit apple 250g after meals.

Weight loss recipe three

Breakfast: 1 boiled eggs, fresh soy milk or 250ml of fresh milk.

Lunch: Choose 150g of eating in lean pork, lean beef, rabbit meat, chicken milk or fish meat, 150g of vegetables.

Dinner: 350g of shredded lettuce, 100g of cold cucumber, and 100g of raw tomatoes or carrots and cucumbers after one hour after meals.

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