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Acupuncture weight loss method needs to avoid four major misunderstandings acupuncture to lose weight.

For everyone, their slim figures are eager to own, so they want to choose a effective and fast method, so acupuncture to lose weight is popular, of course As a result, many people have misunderstandings about acupuncture to lose weight. The following four common misunderstandings of acupuncture to lose weight should be known.

1. Acupuncture to lose weight once for all

Acupuncture weight loss is a adjustment of the body. It is necessary to establish a new state in repeated treatment and continuous strengthening. Doctors suggest that they generally need to adhere to dense and intensity treatment of more than three months (especially obese, it takes half a year to one year), which is a process of slow adjustment. When the treatment stops, what weighs basically maintains the normal level of one to three years.

2. The effect can be visible daily

Sometimes acupuncture to lose weight, there will be such experience. Some people who lose weight to lose weight are effective, while some people are very slow. This is because acupuncture weight loss is not weight loss, but fat loss, and acupuncture to lose weight. More than the standard weight, the more fat content, the more obvious the effect of acupuncture to lose weight.

Some people are not overweight, so the effect of weight loss is not so obvious. The effect of weight loss is also related to whether to lose weight throughout the body. Some local weight loss such as abdominal weight loss, the effect is obvious but the weight loss is not obvious. In addition, the effect of weight loss is also related to the characteristics of fat. The loss of hard fat is obvious, and the hard fat is not effective. Any method of weight loss must be gradually adjusted, and everyone’s response to acupuncture is different, which requires continuous treatment.

3. The more the needles are tied, the better

Many beauty salons and weight loss centers are tied up to thirty or forty stitches. Customers also feel that the needle is much more effective. In fact, acupuncture requires professional knowledge. It has chapters and methods. It pays attention to choosing acupoints. Those who really have a really effect on weight loss are more than a dozen acupuncture points. The consequences of bad.

4. Acupuncture is easy to infect

The acupuncture for acupuncture is very small. For the skin, the general acupuncture is very small trauma, and the body repair of normal people is generally fast. If it is not because of other damaged infections, unless it is affixed with a needle (one of the ear needles), you must pay attention to avoiding water. Other bodys have little effect on daily life, and bathing and swimming are not a problem.

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