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Adolescents suffer from mumps infertile

Many parents know that after children suffer from popular mumps, even if they do not go to the hospital for treatment, they only take some medicines at home or rest for a few days, and they will automatically recover. To this end, they often do not regard popular mumps as one thing. Indeed, epidemic mumps are a self -limited disease that can recover by themselves, but once it causes complications of mumps, children may cause children infection in the future.

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Young people suffer from mumps, be careful!

According to Xu Yi, the director and deputy chief physician of Guangzhou Women’s and Children’s Medical Center, mumps are usually divided into two types: viral mumps and purulent mumps. “Popularity (viral) mumps are acute respiratory infectious diseases caused by virus invasion of parotid glands, which can usually be immune for lifelong. Purunted mumps are caused by bacterial infections and can be repeatedly infected. Generally speaking, generally speaking, Most children suffer from viral mumps, and there are fewer children with purulent mumps. “

Although it is also a mumps, the symptoms are roughly the same by ordinary people, the nature of the two is very different. So, how much do you know about mumps, commonly used in the diseased diseases that are commonly used in folk?

Virus loves adolescent glands

Although epidemic mumps are self -limiting diseases, because the virus may infringe other glandular tissues or even nervous systems, some children will have complications, such as pancreatitis, mantitis, myocarditis, orchitis, ovarian inflammation, ovarian inflammation Wait, cause greater damage to the child, and even leave sequelae or death in severe cases.

Among them, it is particularly noteworthy that adolescent children are in the stage of development. At this time, the virus is particularly prone to aggressive glands, which in turn causes ovarianitis or orchitis. If this inflammation is not treated in time, it may cause children to have infertility in the future.

Xu Yi reminded, “If the child has continuous fever, abdominal pain, vomiting, testicular pain, or testicular swelling in the early stage of mumps, it will cause parents to pay attention. It is not possible to accurately judge the child’s condition. Therefore, it is best to send the child to the hospital. If necessary, the B -ultrasound and routine blood examination are performed to avoid causing a avarker damage. “

Many parents care about, what kind of children are prone to complications? In this regard, Xu Yi explained that on the one hand, the constitution of children may be a cause of complications; on the other hand, some children have some kind of disease, which leads to a decline in autoimmunity and causing concurrency Symptoms have entered. “Clinically, I once encountered a child with mumps with leukemia. Due to his weak immune ability, multiple complications occurred after suffering from mumps. In fact, complications were not terrible. Under the timely intervention of doctors, complications can be controlled and cured. “

Under the medicine by yourself, reliability or reliability?

Recently, some netizens consulted online, “My child has suffered from mumps, and the doctor prescribed the Chinese medicine anti -inflammatory tablets made by wearing a lotus. Want to ask Mr. Fang, is this useful?” In response, the famous counterfeit fighter Fang Zhouzi responded, “Mumps are caused by virus infections. Most people will heal themselves. Except for analgesic and fever abroad, they generally do not give treatment (no medicine can be medical), so do not need to For this reason, Chinese medicine will have side effects after taking Chinese medicine. “

Fang Zhouzi’s remarks set off a lot of waves on the Internet. Xu Yi does not agree with his point of view, because for the two different types of diseases of epidemic (viral) mumps and purulent mumps, the treatment methods are not the same, and they cannot be expected to heal themselves by themselves. If purulent mumps often need to inject antibiotics. Even if the child has been diagnosed as a viral mumps, it is necessary to ensure that there are no other complications in the child to “let go” and help them heal it by diet, rest, etc., otherwise it may cause more serious consequences. “Life is precious, we can’t ignore the possibility of one tenth or percent.” Xu Yi emphasized.

As for “don’t use traditional Chinese medicine”, it is also about to be discussed. In fact, many rural children do not go to the hospital after suffering from mumps. Instead, they use solemn medicines such as cactus or fairy balls that are conducive to blood circulation and stasis, or take Banlangen and Houttuynia cordata. Many doctors also use some traditional Chinese medicine prescriptions when treating viral mumps.

Xu Yi suggested: “It is possible to treat it in moderation, but it is best to take medication under the guidance of a doctor. Those children who have been determined to have no complications can be healed by themselves as long as they have a reasonable schedule and diet. However The face is local enlarged and the parotid glands have a pipeline, so children cannot eat irritating foods such as sour and spicy, so as not to stimulate the duct mouth to cause severe pain. “

Why is the vaccine suffering from mumps?

The best way to prevent mumps is vaccination. However, some parents have found that they obviously take their children to inject mumps vaccine, why do children still suffer from mumps?

“The current mumps vaccine is aimed at epidemic (viral) mumps. If the child suffers from purulent mumps, the vaccine does not work at all, because purulent mumps are caused by bacterial infections, which can repeatedly can repeatedly Disease. It is not like a viral mumps, and it can be immune for lifelong. “Moreover, because the essence of the vaccine is the perineal genitis virus. There is no toxicity of the virus that this virus does not have in their lives. Sometimes the body does not produce an antibody after the vaccine injection does not produce an effective immune response, which cannot achieve prevention effect. At the same time, it also has a certain relationship with the physical fitness. Although children with epidemic mumps need to be isolated, there is a period of 2 to 5 weeks due to mumps. During this period, the symptoms are not obvious. If the patient is not isolated, the virus will be transmitted to others through droplets. Therefore, once a child is diagnosed with a popular mumps in the family, it is necessary to implement completely isolation immediately to ensure that children can stay alone in a space. Otherwise, middle -aged and elderly people with weak constitutions in their homes often become the next “host” of mump virus.

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Daily care of children with mumps

Be careful not to eat irritating foods for children, so that he should eat the liquid and semi -liquid of easy to chew and digestion to reduce the difficulty of swallowing the child.

Children should drink plenty of water to facilitate the discharge of toxins in the body; the dietary utensils used by the child should be separated from others and boiled regularly.

Children’s clothes, bedding and other items can be exposed outdoors during the illness, washbasins, towels, handkerchiefs, etc., and need to be hot 1-2 times a day.

Timmed to measure the body temperature regularly. If necessary, cooling measures can be taken.

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If the boy’s testicular pain can be held up with a bandage to reduce the pain.

Keeping oral hygiene in the child, the children often rinse with warm saline.

Local hot compress: Use a hot water bag with a towel to apply hot compresses in the affected area, which can reduce the pain in the affected area.

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