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Aestius should be disabled in treating asthma

Aspirin’s perverted reaction is second only to penicillin, and it is generally considered to be a comprehensive role of pharmacology and immune response. Its characteristics are divided into three types: bronchial spasm type, urticaria, vascular edema, and mixed type.The most common symptoms of aspirin are urticaria and vascular edema, followed by asthma, and allergic rhinitis and eczema are also seen.

Some asthma patients take aspirin can induce severe asthma. The symptoms mostly appear within 2 hours after medication, called “aspirin asthma”.It is not an allergic reaction based on antigen-antibody reactions, but is related to the biomestins that are aspirin inhibiting prostaglandins.

Due to the obstruction of prostaglandin synthesis, leukene and other liposenase metabolites generated by peanutoramine increased, these are substances that are endogenous shrinking bronchi, which leads to bronchial spasm and severe asthma.Therefore, asthma patients cannot use aspirin.

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