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After breast cancer treatment, remember to review regularly

Breast cancer is the phenomenon of proliferation out of control under the action of a variety of carcinogenic factors. The World Health Organization International Cancer Research Institute (IARC) released the latest global cancer burden data in 2020 showing that the top ten cancers in the world’s new cases are: 2.26 million breast cancer, 870,000 colorectal cancer, 770,000 lung cancer, cervical cervix, cervix 600,000 cancer, 450,000 thyroid cancer, 420,000 endometrial cancer, 370,000 gastric cancer, 310,000 ovarian cancer, liver cancer 270,000, and non -Hodgkin lymphoma 240,000. At present, breast cancer is called “pink killer”, and the incidence is the first place in female nausea tumors.



If breast cancer is found early, the cure rate is still very high, and the prognosis is relatively good. After many breast cancer patients were treated, I heard that they had to review them regularly and too lazy to review it. In fact, this is very dangerous. Next, let’s take a look.

High recurrence of breast cancer

In general, there are two peak periods for recurrence and metastasis of breast cancer. The first is 2-3 years after surgery, and the second is 5-6 years after surgery. Overall, 30%-40%of breast cancer patients will relapse.

After treatment, it is recommended to review regularly in order to detect as early as possible.

How long does it take for breast cancer to review regularly?

The “Guidelines and Specifications for the Diagnosis and Treatment of the Chinese Anti-Cancer Association Breast Cancer Diagnosis and Treatment” recommends: within 2 years after surgery, generally followed every 3 months; 3-5 years after surgery, 1 follow-up every 6 months; Once a year, it is until life. If the patient has abnormalities, it is recommended to see it in time. Of course, due to the different individual conditions of the patient, please follow the doctor’s advice.

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