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After getting old, why is there a “elderly” on your body?How to improve?May wish to understand

Yesterday was Grandpa Su’s 70th birthday, but he was not happy.

Usually children and grandchildren are in the city, and they rarely return to their hometown in the country. This time he happened to be a birthday. Although he was 70 birthday, he did not want to do it. I agreed.

Determine that they want home, Grandpa Su cleaned a few days in advance, packed up the house, and went to the vegetable market early in the morning to buy food.

But after the juniors returned, he found that everyone always avoided him, and the grandchildren just greeted him from a distance and were unwilling to approach him.

A younger grandson covered his nose and nose directly when he was approaching, and kept saying that it was stinky and smelly. The performance of the children made him very sad, and he was unhappy that day, and he did not attend the table when he was eating.

I thought that my family could live a lively birthday, everything was contrary to my wish. Grandpa Su didn’t understand, why did he clean up his house, why was he “tasteful” on his body?

I don’t know if everyone has found that after getting older, not only will they grow wrinkles and white hair, but the smell on the body seems to worsen?

Whenever there is an old man around, he smells the smell faintly, and when you enter the old man’s room, you can smell an unspeakable taste. It is difficult to describe this taste, but it makes people unconsciously want to cover their noses.

But the old people themselves did not notice it. Why is this? How is this smell formed? Is there a way to eliminate it?

1. After the age of the previous age, can you not escape the “elderly”?

“The elderly”, as the name suggests, is the taste that will appear in the elderly, so will all the elderly appear in the elderly? Tell you the answer with experiments.

A study was published in the International Academic Journal “Comprehensive Public Science Library”. Researchers have found three groups of young people, middle -aged people, and elderly people participating in the experiments. The number of people in each group is from 12 to 16 No.

The subject was asked to wear a t -shirt with armpits and odorless T -shirts for five nights. After five days, 41 young people were allowed to evaluate the people of these axillary pads from what age groups.

It was found that the evaluations were difficult to accurately distinguish the smell between young people and middle -aged people, but the smell on the elderly could almost accurately distinguish. They all said that the elderly had a special smell.

Researchers at the Mernell Chemical Sensor Research Center and Swedish Caroline Medical College have also experimented with the taste of people in different ages, and found that the elderly did have a special taste.

In addition, Japanese scholars have also studied this to prove that there is a special smell in the elderly and named it “adding age”.

Why can’t you smell the “elderly”?

This is because the human body has “adaptation of smell”, and it is generally difficult to sensitively sense the taste of themselves. Simply put, it is too familiar with the smell on my body, so I don’t think this is a special odor.


Second, the culprit of “elderly”, or 4

Why do people have a odor after getting older? What causes this? These four reasons are common.

1. Aging

After people are old, sebum will gradually become thinner, and the water content of the skin will decrease significantly, which is why many elderly people have wrinkled skin.

In this case, the elderly can easily fall off dandruff. If they are not cleaned in time, these dandruff will become a vine dish for bacteria, which will easily produce odor. In addition, the intestinal function of the elderly also decreases with the increase of age. When food does not digest in time after entering the body, it is easy to produce odor.

2. Disease

Some elderly people have gastrointestinal diseases such as periodontitis, dental caries, or gastrointestinal diseases such as digestive ulcers and chronic gastritis, which can easily cause an unpleasant odor in the body.

3. Bad living habits

Some elderly people have poor habits such as too greasy diet, too little exercise, and lack of sleep. These habits will cause increased sebaceous gland secretion, and then increase the cholesterol concentration in the blood, and it will also make the body odor.

4. Smell and tactile degradation

Compared with young people, the sense of smell and touch of the elderly also degenerate. When the clothes on their bodies are contaminated by sweat, food, etc., they may not be able to perceive the odor in time, and they will have obvious odors on their bodies.

Third, these three special odors exude these three kinds of special smells need to be paid attention to

It is worth reminding that when the elderly have these three odors, they must be vigilant, which is likely to be caused by disease.

Urine taste: When the taste appears like urine, you need to be alert to the urinary system disease, especially the kidney disease.

When the kidney function is damaged to a certain degree, the kidney cannot metabolize the toxins in the body, which will then cause the urea nitrogen and ammonia content in the blood to increase, and there will be obvious urinary odor when breathing in the mouth and nose.

Rotten apple flavor: The odor of rotten apples has a lot to do with diabetes. This taste is related to two reasons. One is that there are immune dysfunction in the patient’s body, which can easily cause oral diseases such as periodontitis and easily produce odor; Excessive blood glucose in the patient can make fat metabolism extremely active. A large amount of fat is decomposed into substances such as pyruis, eleneosolates. These substances are acidic substances and will have obvious rotten apples when breathing out of the body.

Decadic odor: The odor of the smell of dung is mostly caused by gastrointestinal diseases. Patients cannot digest and decompose food normally due to the decline in gastrointestinal function. At the same time, it may also be accompanied by discomfort such as nausea and abdominal pain.


Fourth, after 50 years of age, insist on 4 habits, old or “taste”

The elderly is a physiological phenomenon unique to the elderly. In fact, after the age, not all the elderly will have odors. Do these things everyday to help prevent odors.

1. Actively treat the primary disease

For some elderly people with chronic gastric disease, diabetes, and urinary incontinence, we must actively cooperate with doctors to treat primary diseases, control the disease within the scope of stability, and avoid large -scale fluctuations in the disease. Active treatment and control of these primary diseases can also reduce odor from the source.

2. Pay attention to diet health

The digestive function of the elderly is much more than young people, so the diet should be based on light and easy to digest, and try to reduce foods that intake high protein and high -fat. These foods will increase the burden on the intestinal tract. A large amount of food cannot be digested in the body in time, and it is easy to breed the odor.

3. Strengthen personal hygiene

Regardless of the age group of people, you need to do your own sanitary cleaning work. You must change clothes and take a bath daily to avoid a large amount of dandruff on the skin to produce odor.

4. Indoor diligence ventilation

Daily opening more windows should be opened in the room ventilation. It is also easy to produce odor in an impermeable environment for a long time. Frequent windows are opened to allow air circulation and avoid the taste that continues to remain in the house.

Many people think that people have a taste because they are unhygienic. In fact, “the elderly” may also be age or disease. I hope that young people will not prejudice the elderly. Old people should also actively prevent the emergence of elderly people.

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