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After giving birth, yoga helps you with one arm force

Introduction: Yoga exercise muscle elasticity, helps to recover from postpartum shapes.

The elasticity of Yoga exercise muscles helps to recover from postpartum shapes.

1. It is conducive to alleviating tension during pregnancy, and emotional pleasure is full of vitality.

2. Massage the five internal organs, regulate endocrine, and slow down the pregnancy reaction.

3. Promote blood circulation and digestive functions, and alleviate common discomfort during pregnancy.

4. It helps to enhance the flexibility of pelvis and spine, slow down the back pain during pregnancy, strengthen the strength of the body, and help childbirth.

5. Exercise the elasticity of muscles, helps the recovery of postpartum forms.

6. Establish a closer connection with the growth baby.

7. It is easier to obey the message and instructions issued by the body during childbirth, which helps to shorten the output.

5 reminders, safe pregnancy yoga

1. Pregnant women who have a disease or have a history of miscarriage, please follow the doctor’s advice and practice cautiously. If the doctor asked to rest in bed or slight bleeding, please do not exercise.

2. During practice, the movement should be gentle and slow, and do not surpass your own limit.

3. Avoid moving the abdomen with strong twisting and squeezing abdomen.

4. All sidewalk movements, after one side, the other side is the same to maintain balance.

5. According to your own abilities, decide whether to practice and practice the length and strength of time, based on the principle of comfortable body feelings, step by step, and you must not force.

Side waist

Expansion, nourishing the chest, enhancing the flexibility and elasticity of the waist, helping to restore the body after delivery.

1. Stand together together. Inhale, stretch your left arm up.

2. Exhale, the body falls to the right, and the eyes look up.

Tip: Put consciousness on the waist to experience the stretching and squeezing of the waist muscles. Keep your body on a plane.

Moon breathing method

Due to the increase in hormones during pregnancy, pregnant women are hot, and emotional fluctuations are easy to fluctuate. This breathing method can regulate the calories in the body, help smooth emotions, and help slow down anxiety during pregnancy.

1. Sit cross -legged, and the thumb and ring finger on the right hand are placed on both sides of the nose. Press your right nostril gently and inhale with your left nostril.

2. Press the left nostril and exhale with the right nostril.

Tip: The time for calling and suction is equal.

Don’t force it too hard when you hold down the nostrils.

Baby -style relaxation

When doing yoga, as long as you feel tired, you can stop and rest. This deforming relaxation type can relax the muscles of the whole body with a comfortable manner.

Take a square pad. Open your knees to both sides, bend your legs, and your upper body relaxed on the cushion.

Tip: Don’t be squeezed by the abdomen.


Strengthen the strength of the legs, nourish the uterus, and enhance the power of the vagina at the same time to help childbirth.

1. Stand against the wall, the tip of the feet is out, and the two feet are separated from the shoulders. The arms are in front of the body and the ten fingers are crossed.

2. Exhale, bend your knees squat. In this posture, you can try to do the “Kigel” movement, that is, when you inhale, shrink the perineum, raise the anus, keep it as long as possible, and relax when exhaling.

3. Remove your hands, inhale, stretch your arms upwards, and lean back to the wall.

Tip: The back of the whole process is straight, and a small stool can be used to support a small stool below the hip in the second trimester. When you get up, you must slowly support your hands on your knees.


This posture can promote blood circulation in the pelvic area, stretch the legs, relax and exercise the hip, and slow down the pain during childbirth.

1. Straighten your legs to both sides to open until comfortable.

2. Put your hands in front of the body, inhale, stretch the spine, exhale, move your hands forward slowly, and fall your upper body. Stay on this posture and keep 7 times of breath.

Tip: For pregnant women within five months of pregnancy, if the physical condition is allowed, you can straighten your arms and stick your upper body.

Cat stretch

Enhance the elasticity of the spine, improve blood circulation, promote digestion, provide more nutrition to the fetus in the abdomen, and supplement their physical strength.

1. Kneeling on his knees, his two fingers opened on the ground, his arms were vertically on the ground. Inhale, raise your head, collapse your waist, stretch the spine.

2. Exhale, bow up back, bow your head, chin inward.

Tip: Repeat the action 11 times.

Triangular stretch

It helps enhance the strength of the legs, promote gastrointestinal motility, and relieve constipation caused by pregnancy.

1. Open your legs, the right foot tip outward, the left toe tip slightly inward, and straighten your arms and shoulders.

2. Exhale, bend your right leg.

3. Inhale deeply, at the same time, the body falls to the right and sticks to the ground. Both arms have a straight line, and your eyes look up.

Tip: Step 3, if the right hand cannot be pasted, you can bend your right arm and lean on the right thigh for support.

In the late pregnancy, if you feel that this action is a bit difficult, you can sit in a chair or stop practicing.


Increase blood circulation in the lower back, abdomen, and pelvic area to prevent intravenous veins. Helps open the hip and facilitate childbirth.

1. Both feet are opposite, and your knees are open. Grab the feet with both hands, inhale deeply, and stretch the spine.

2. Exhale, and the upper body fell straight forward. Arrive your limits and keep 7 breathing.

Tip: This posture is suitable for the entire pregnancy. When your abdomen is already in contact with your feet, the upper body should not squeeze down.

Lower dog

This is a good stretching posture that can promote the blood circulation of the whole body.

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The body is “V”, the legs are opened as width or wider than the shoulders, and the distance between the two hands is equal to the distance between the two feet.Inhale.When exhaling, the heels touched the ground down, and the upper body stretched down.Tip: Appreciate the body’s sense of stretching and space expansion.

(Intern editor: Yan Yanming)

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