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After half -year -old baby’s milk, the breath was weak.

After half -year -old baby’s milk, the breath was weak and his lips were dark. From the local hospital to Wuhan Children’s Hospital, multi -disciplinary experts were highly suspected to be a trachea foreign body after consultation. Well. After treatment, the baby was discharged smoothly yesterday.

The 6 -month -old Dudu (pseudonym) lived in Wuhan Yuancheng District. On May 7, Dudu coughed. The family thought it was just a small cold and didn’t pay much attention. On May 8th, Dudu’s milk suddenly couldn’t get up after his milk, his lips were dark, his breath was weak, and the family was frightened.

Parents immediately sent Dudu to a hospital near their house. The examination found that blood oxygen saturation was only about 70%. After first aid, blood oxygen has picked up, and his breathing improved slightly, but he was still rapid. Doctors suggested that he went to Wuhan Children’s Hospital. At 10:00 on the 8th, Dudu was sent to the emergency department of the hospital. The doctor found that the child was obvious, the respiratory was extremely laborious, and the blood oxygen saturation was only 85%in the oxygen absorption state.

Dr. Yan Fan, who was admitted to, was highly suspected that he was a foreign body of trachea, and he urgently called Zhang Yufeng, an otolaryngologist Zhang Yufeng. After the doctor asked, the parents recalled that the child began to cough on the 7th. On the day of the family, LED lights were installed. The child may put the small lamp beads that had not had time to clean up into the mouth. Sure enough, filming shows that a foreign body is stuck in the child’s right bronchial. The child is in a state of severe hypoxia and must take out the foreign body as soon as possible.

Considering that the child is still young, the doctor decides to take foreign bodies with tracheal mirrors. Under the escort of the director of the anesthesiology department, in the early morning of the 9th, Xia Zhongfang, an otolaryngology expert, successfully removed the foreign body with a tracheal mirror. It really was a LED lamp bead of about 1.6 cm long. Because the lungs have pus, the experts are scrubbing the lungs, and the child is out of danger.

Xia Zhongfang, director of the Department of ENT Department of the Academy, introduced that children’s nature is curious and lacks safety awareness. Babies within 3 years of age should avoid contact with small objects such as small hair cards and coins. safe education. When a child has a foreign body, parents should take their children to the first time to ensure that the child is upright as much as possible to keep the respiratory tract open.

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