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After smoking 200 cigarettes, the lungs will become, what?I was so scared to quickly throw the cigarette in my hand

Recently, an experiment that simulated smoking has been hot in the circle of friends.

The experimental team took a piece of fresh pork lung and 200 cigarettes to confirm how much smoking is to the lungs.

The experimenters made a electric pump with a root tube, while connecting the air inlet while connecting to the trachea on the pork lung.Then connect the power and lit the cigarette so that the smoke produced by cigarettes can enter the pork lung.

(Source: Makerbeta)

As the gas sources continue to enter, the pork lungs begin to be encouraged as if there is life, absorbing smoke produced by cigarettes.As the number of smoke was lit gradually increased, the color of the pork lungs gradually changed, and it was no longer as bright as the beginning, and it began to dim.

When two hundred cigarettes were clicked, at the end of the experiment, the pork lungs on the table became ugly black and gray.The experiments cut the deepest areas and found that the inside of the pork lung became black.

(Black inside the pork lung/picture source Makerbeta)

Looking at the intake pipe again, it has changed from the original transparency to gray.The black substances on the wall of the tube with your hands are a coking oil produced by a thick cigarette when burning.

(“Black oil”/picture source Makerbeta)

200 cigarettes, if you calculate 5 a day, are all sucking for one and a half months.Although the body has the ability of the harmful substances of the metabolic part, the lungs will not be as fast as the experiment, but it is accumulated and the harm to the lungs is also foreseeable.

Uncosty: Smoking hurts the lungs through

A study by Columbia University shows that even if smoking less than 5 every day, it will cause long -term damage to the lungs.[1] Even if you quit smoking, damage to the lungs will last for ten years.Studies also analyzed that the lung function of mild smoking (less than 5) decreases much faster than those who do not smoke, indicating that even if they only suck less, they are harmful to lung function.In addition, mild smokers and severe smokers are not very different in lung function damage.

A number of studies have confirmed that the damage caused by smoking to the lungs is irreversible.During the combustion process of cigarettes, a large number of harmful chemical components will be released. These ingredients will cause chronic lesions in bronchial or alveoli and trachea, leading to bronchitis, lung heart disease, emphysema, and even lung cancer.

What changes will the body change after quitting smoking?

After learning about the harm of smoking, many smokers choose to quit smoking.So what changes will the body change after quitting smoking?

Increased appetite.During smoking, harmful substances in cigarettes will inhibit the normal work of the digestive tract, which will affect appetite and food.[2] After quitting, the digestive system will slowly return to normal. At this time, smokers will find that they can eat more.

Cough, accompanied by sputum.In the days when I first quit smoking, the cough may be more serious than when smoking, especially late at night, often accompanied by thick sputum.In fact, this is the body’s detoxification mechanism, and the poison brought by tobacco is gradually discharged from the body through sputum.

Question reactions such as thirst, restlessness.As the smoking quitting time is getting longer and longer, the nicotine content in the brain is also declining. At this time, there will be a minor withdrawal reaction, such as restlessness and thirst.But don’t worry, as long as you persist for more than a month, such symptoms will disappear.

Quit smoking must be gradual step by step

Quit smoking is not done overnight. It is impossible to allow an old smoker who has been used to smoking for more than ten years to quit smoking in two or three days. If it is too urgent, it may cause anti -effects.

The first step of quitting smoking is to reduce the frequency of smoking. For example, a pack of smoke was smoked every day in the past, and it can slowly reduce it to half a package and one -third of a package.At the same time, do not let the smokers come into contact with everything that can contact cigarettes, such as lighter, ashtray, etc.In addition, when you are addicted, you can chew some gum or nuts to disperse attention.If you can persist for more than a month, it will be very close to the success of smoking.

Questions: Is it addicted to smoking drugs?

Some people want to use smoking quit drugs to help quit smoking, but they are worried that they will be addicted.In fact, smoking cessation medicines will not lead to addiction.

Domestic smoking quit drugs usually include nicotine patch or nicotine chewing glue, amphetamine, etc. These drugs do not cause drug dependence, but they need to be taken under the guidance of professional doctors, which can effectively improve the success of smoking cessation.

In short, smoking is harmful to physical health, which is a fact that has been confirmed by countless studies.However, many smokers still do not believe in evil, thinking that it is okay to smoke less every day. In fact, even if the number of smoking is not large, the damage to the lungs also exists. It is recommended to quit smoking in time.To quit smoking, we must adopt a scientific and correct way. Do not rush to achieve it.

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[2] “Persist in quitting smoking for a month, the body will have some good changes. Have you seen your heart?”. Nutrition. 2019-05-16

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