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After three tours for a while, be careful of liver hardening!

In the long river of human development, the wine culture shines with unique and beautiful light. Drinking culture related to wine has a long history in my country, deeply infiltrating into the lives of the people from the present. Someone loved wine as drunk, and the three patrols were not willing to leave. Some people love and hate wine, because they did not expect that the wine that I loved once brought the problem of cirrhosis to their bodies.

Alcohol poisoning -The original sin of liver cirrhosis in life

Hepatitis is not uncommon in various liver diseases. Liver cirrhosis is chronic in liver disease in liver disease. Usually its onset is affected by one or more causes of the human body for a long time, causing diffuse liver damage in the liver.

In the case of cirrhosis diagnosed in my country, alcoholic liver cirrhosis is one of the liver hardening caused by alcohol poisoning. It is necessary to know that hepatitis developed by different causes includes hepatitis after hepatitis, alcoholic liver cirrhosis, and hepatitis cirrhosis. Among these liver cirrhosis, alcoholic liver cirrhosis is usually caused by alcohol poisoning caused by excessive intake of alcohol.

It is not difficult to know that long -term excessive intake of alcohol is the original sin that causes alcoholic cirrhosis. Liver cirrhosis is chronic liver disease. The incubation and disease period of this disease are relatively long. Once people drink more than the limit that the body can withstand, or long -term quantitative intake of alcohol may cause alcoholic cirrhosis.

Prevention and treatment method -quit drinking! Physical examination! Discover early treatment in time

According to statistics, people can cause alcoholic liver cirrhosis if they consume more than 80 grams of ethanol daily and last for 10 years. 80 grams of ethanol is converted into a common amount of alcohol in our lives, which is 3 two white wines. It is only a long -term drinking drink that exceeds this amount. How big.

Start away from liver cirrhosis, starting from prevention. As long as we exclude the hidden dangers of the disease from our lives, we will no longer be afraid of the invasion of the disease. Drinking appropriately, but too much drinking is easy to cause disease! While controlling drinking, pay attention to healthy diet, regularly work, and strengthen exercise exercise and improve physical fitness.

Although the liver cirrhosis is terrible, it is not a disease that humans cannot cope. When you are not sure, you should go to the hospital to conduct a comprehensive physical examination and laboratory examination in time, and find out early to treat the disease early.

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