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Ai leaf boiled water Betting baby eczema exacerbation experts remind parents that they will not give their children to “add” bath water without authorization

The 5 -month -old eczema baby recurred, and the grandmother listened to the recipe to boil the water with the wormwood. Recently, the temperature of Jiangcheng has risen, and the baby’s various skin problems have followed, such as mosquito bites, tweezers, eczema, etc. Parents have a headache. Some of them think about the baby’s bathing water and add various “ingredients”. Among them The flower dew water is a popular “item” to prevent children from being bitten by mosquitoes. Some parents believe that they can disinfect sterilization and prevent mules, folliculitis, and eczema.

Yesterday, many hospital experts in Jiangcheng said that this method is not suitable for all children, and children with skin diseases may be counterproductive.

Take a bath with wormwood to cure eczema baby’s condition worsening

Fanfan (pseudonym), who was just born for 5 months, has been tortured by repeated eczema. At the time of the attack, he was always awakened at night, his hands and feet moved, and his mother was afraid that he could scratch his face and fixed his little hand with a sleeping bag. After being sent to Wuhan Children’s Hospital for treatment. After adhering to the medication for a period of time, Fanfan’s eczema has improved significantly. Most of the skin is restored to a smooth state. Only the eczema on the head has not cured.

Recently, Fanfan’s eczema repeatedly felt distressed. When I was walking in the community at night, I heard that the neighbors said that the wormwood was boiled to take a bath for the child. It had the effect of sterilization and disinfection. Now that the Dragon Boat Festival is near the Dragon Boat Festival, it is the season when wormwood is listed. The grandmother’s trustee bought a large bag and washed and bathing the grandson sooner or later after cooking.

At first, Fanfan’s skin was reddish, and grandma thought it was Ai Ye’s effect. Unexpectedly, in the middle of the night, Fanfan began to appear small red dots on his body. Eczema that had not been completely improved on his head was caught, and yellow water exuded out. Wuhan Children’s Hospital Treatment.

After examination, the baby’s white blood cells and acid -eater were significantly increased, and there were indications for infection. Fu Guili, director of the dermatology department of the hospital, asked that her grandmother had boiled water with Ai leaves to take a bath for Fanfan. She said that using the remedies so randomly, she aggravated her condition, and her grandmother blame herself.

Pure natural is not equal to no stimuli, do not trust the remedy

As soon as the temperature goes high, the baby’s delicate skin has various problems. The child is crying, and the parents are irritable. Therefore, many families have the idea of ​​bathing water and various “feed” inside, such as Ai Ye, honeysuckle, and flowers. Flower dew water, etc., known as the prevention of mules, mosquito repellent, and can also deal with eczema.

On the Internet platform, various “medicinal baths” with Chinese medicine ingredients are also very large. , Rash, mule, urticaria, etc.

In this regard, Fu Guili said that bathing in water with wormwood is a folk traditional practice. First of all, the effect of “treatment” is not clear. Because it may contain impurities after cooking, it will stimulate the baby’s delicate skin in the bath water. For children with skin diseases such as eczema and dermatitis, the skin is in a sensitive period. It is easy to allergic to some substances and aggravate eczema, and even further skin infection.

Lei Tao, director of the dermatology department of Hanyang Hospital in Wuhan City, said that parents should not be too superstitious about the people, and “add” when the baby baths. If eczema occurs, bathing is usually recommended. Because the root cause of eczema is allergic, these Chinese medicines may also be allergens, so it is not recommended to use it casually.

Fu Guili suggested that if children have eczema, tweezers, or bite by mosquitoes, parents should choose scientific and effective methods to not blindly believe in remedies. The temperature of the bath water should be controlled at 36 to 38 degrees Celsius for 10 to 15 minutes. Bathing supplies for adults are too alkaline for babies. It is not recommended. It is recommended to choose regular products without preservatives, flavors, and hormones. In summer, you can choose the skin care milk with safe ingredients. It is best to test whether it will be allergic to the baby’s local skin before use.

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