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AJCD: The effect of 0.05%vitamin washing agent once a day on the quality of life quality of patients with medium -weight acne

Acne is one of the most common skin diseases. This chronic inflammatory disease usually begins in adolescence, but it can continue or intermittently continue to adulthood. Patients will also experience the long -term impact of the quality of life related to health. Social relations and mental health have a negative impact.

It is recommended to use external vitamin acid as the basis of medium to severe acne therapy, because they have the effects of dissolving acne and anti -acne, anti -inflammatory characteristics, reducing the ability of skin lesions, and the effect of successfully improving other treatment methods when combined. However, as many localized vitamin acid drugs may cause local stimuli, the treatment schemes that effectively reduce symptoms under the minimum side effects. For vitamin acid that has been used for acne for decades, the latest formula (0.05%vitaminic acid washing agent) is developed by polymer emulsion technology, providing a treatment option for patients with sensitive patients with vitaminic acid preparations. Essence

Analysis of the average changes in the quality score of acne life from the beginning to the 12th week, including the concentrated intention to treat crowds and the successful Asian group (the global severity of the evaluator is improved, the score is “clear” or “almost” almost “almost” Clear)). Pilson’s correlation is performed in the gathered intention to treat people to evaluate the relationship between acne symptoms and every field of three areas.

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Results: In the combination of intention treatment crowd (n = 1640), the use of 0.05%vitaminic acid washing agent has a greater average improvement in all observation indicators: self -perception (average change: 7.4vs6.7)) ; Role-emotion (6.8VS6.0); character-social (4.8VS4.6); acne symptoms (6.5VS5.6); all P <0.05. Compared with the interested treatment, the successful participants with 0.05%vitamin washing agent were higher in the 12th week of the average acne-QOL score (better). At the beginning and 12th week, there are correlation between acne symptoms and other indicators (P <0.05).

Conclusion: Patients with medium -sized acne have improved their quality of life after 12 weeks of treatment with 0.05%vitamin washing agent.

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