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Alcoholism causes female sexual dysfunction

The impact of alcohol on women’s sexual function is more complicated. When drinking acute drinking, it may have a to suppress effect, reduce the human body’s usually reduced sexual suppression, and overcome the anxiety or guilt of its sexual behavior. At this time, it can improve or promote the promotion Sex excitement. Some women think that women’s taste is not strong enough, and drinking makes them feel more like a woman. Drinking can make women temporarily escape sexual character problems and inner conflict. The impact of alcoholism on women’s sexual function is no less than its impact on men. Frequent sexual dysfunction of alcoholic women including sexual desire, orgasm dysfunction, sexual intercourse pain, and vaginal spasm. Other problems include mental disorders, weakening sexual characteristics, ovarian atrophy, infertility, etc. These are more common among women who have long alcoholism.

The mechanism of alcoholism affects sexual function includes:

⑴ Inhibit physiological arousal, as the concentration of alcohol increases, sexual arousal has weakened the physiological reaction.

⑵ Due to alcoholism, vitamin deficiency and liver damage, and abnormal metabolism of sexual hormones, there is a scarcity of menstruation and poor vaginal lubrication.

(3) Neurological changes in alcohol to change the body sensory neurological pathway.

致The malnutrition or neurological effects caused by alcoholism can cause quality damage of the brain, and interpersonal and sexual interests are reduced.

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引Indaic diseases such as alcoholism cause sexual dysfunction, such as diabetes, hypertension, urethral infections, etc.

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