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All signs of understanding pathological jaundice

Physiological jaundice is a special physiological phenomenon of newborns, and there are almost almost all normal newborn. Generally, about 3 days after birth, the skin is not orange and light yellow. If the jaundice appears within 24 hours after the birth of the newborn, and it lasts longer, the jaundice is orange -yellow and the whole body is all over the body. It may be a pathological jaundice, which has attracted great attention.

Early time: pathological jaundice often appears within 24 hours after lifetime. If a newborn appears a few hours after birth, the earliest part of the first occurrence is scleral and facial, then it is prompted that this is a dangerous signal.

Fast progress: gradually spread to the torso and limbs from the face. If you find that the newborn’s hands and feet are stained, it indicates that its blood bilirubin value exceeds 12mg%.

Slow down: often more than 2 weeks, premature babies for more than 3 weeks. If the newborn still has jaundice 2 weeks after birth, no matter how much serum bilirubin is abnormal, parents are best to take them to the hospital for the necessary examination in order to find the cause of jaundice.

Poor status: The mental state of the newborn is obviously not particularly good, and sometimes there are eyes gaze, screaming or convulsions in one direction.


At present, most of the pathological jaundice of newborn is treated with light. Through the light, the bilirubin in the body can be converted into other substances, so that the bilirubin that is constantly accumulated in the body can find another exit, and the symptoms of jaundice can be improved. However, babies who still cannot improve after light must be treated with drugs or blood changes. If jaundice is formed by the biliary lock, it needs to be treated with surgery.

special reminder:

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1. Neonatal jaundice is too high -hearted biliary red encephalopathy, be sure to go to the hospital for treatment early.

2. The pathological jaundice of neonatal should be prevented. For example, the infection of the toxoplasma and rubella virus during pregnancy, especially in the early pregnancy to prevent virus infection, and prevent the occurrence of sepsis after birth.

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