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Almond walnut help weight loss and reduce cholesterol to protect the cardiac vascular vessels

Putting into crispy nuts while working, it is indispensable for many office workers. However, as long as you hear that nuts are a kind of oil and fat, and the oil content is abundant, it will often avoid it, and even abstain from eating nuts because he is worried about getting fat and body. Is nut food so terrible? Experts point out that nut foods have a lot of benefits to the human body, and you don’t need to worry about as long as you do well in control.

Dr. Wu Yingrong, CEO of the Taiwan Nutrition Foundation, said that nuts are a collection of many nutrients. It not only provides the minerals needed by the human body, helps the body’s metabolism and the normal operation of immune function, but also stabilize the growth of bone growth. The phytochemicals that exist in various nuts (such as linen seeds, such as linen seeds) can also be metabolized in the human body to metabolize plant estrogen, which helps to relieve menopause (female menopause). Plant sterols in nuts can also help reduce cholesterol in the blood.

Although nuts belong to the type of oil and fat foods, which are rich in oils, the unsaturated fatty acids and diversified unsaturated fatty acids contained in it are actually very healthy oils. The incidence is very good for cardiovascular health, and it will not make people gain weight easily.

Almond, walnut help weight loss and low -calorie diet effect is good

Among the many nuts, almonds and walnuts are the most special. The appropriate amount of the above two nuts is also effective for people with weight loss needs, and it also has the effect of helping the body and lowering weight. Why does almonds and walnuts have such effects? Dr. Wu Yingrong pointed out that this is because almonds and walnuts contain a large amount of dietary fiber and an appropriate amount of oil. When you are hungry, you can chew the appropriate amount of nuts and match a large amount of water, which can not only improve satiety, but also help suppress appetite.

There are many benefits to eating nuts! 30 grams of cardiovascular care for 30 grams per day will not get fat

As for how to eat nuts? Dr. Wu Yingrong emphasized that if people are not allergic to nuts, they do not have problems such as kidney disease and kidney failure. They consume a small number of nuts with a small handle of about 30 grams per day and about 150 to 200 calories. Reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease. For people with weight loss, adding 30 grams of nuts every day in the diet in low and low calories will not only make people gain weight, but also help weight loss.

[Expert Xiao Ding Xun]:

In the end, Dr. Wu Yingrong reminded the public that although the consumption nuts have a lot of benefits, because the protein content in nuts is quite abundant, there are problems such as poor kidney function and kidney failure. Patients who need to reduce protein intake must limit nut foods, and related processing. The intake of food will not cause the disease to deteriorate and make the symptoms more serious.

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