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Although the massage massage is not suitable for everyone, these “lightning areas” must be avoided

Blowing air conditioners, drinking cold drinks, drinking more water, swimming … Sanfu Tian cool hot and high temperature, Chongqing citizens have to choose these methods to cool down and relieve heat. I never thought that this would cause humidity to invade the human body, but the outside is wet and the water is wet and the spleen is wet and the spleen is wet and the spleen is wet and the spleen is wet and the spleen is wet. , Cause water accumulation, physical discomfort, etc.

In order to alleviate physical discomfort, more and more people choose to go to some health shops or massage shops, and find the therapist for a massage massage. But in the concepts of many people, massage and pain are twin brothers. Even many friends think that the heavier the technique during the massage process, the more painful the feeling can be. Is this point really correct? What precautions do we need to keep in mind? Take a look!

The best feeling of massage is not pain, but soreness

Massage can generally be divided into three types: health massage, casual massage and treatment massage. For ordinary people, it is generally a health and casual massage. The appropriate massage can restore people to vitality, inspiring the spirit, and get rid of sub -health.

The best feeling in the massage process is to have a sense of soreness, not pain. If the degree of pain even reaches the degree of being unbearable, it is serious.

From the perspective of modern medicine, pain are often accompanied by soft tissue sterile inflammation. Pain is a self -protection mechanism of the human body and a warning role. If pain occurs, it means that the action will cause harm to the human body. If more severe pain occurs during the massage process, it should be stopped in time to prevent adverse consequences!

So, how to judge whether massage is effective? Relevant experts said that the best massage stimulus intensity should be local soreness, fever, softness, sweating slightly, and redness. Massage can greatly avoid damage to the body under this intensity.

Although the massage massage is good, you need to avoid the “lightning area”

Massage has many effects on our physical care, but not everyone is suitable for massage. The following major diseases and situations are considered as “thunder areas” for massage massage to avoid!

1. Patients with hematological diseases, especially those who reduce platelets, must not be massaged, so as not to cause large -scale bleeding and aggravate the development of the disease.

2. Those with acute soft tissue damage need to be cold for a few days in advance to prohibit the use of Shujin blood circulation and alcohol massage to prevent local bleeding and exudation.

3. Women during menstruation and pregnancy must not be stimulated on the lower waist and lower abdomen.

4. Those with severe hypertension, avoid massage treatment that can easily cause severe pain, so as not to increase blood pressure.

5. Patients with malignant tumors should not give a label to avoid increasing the chance of metastasis of tumor cells.

6. Various ulcerous skin diseases, severe heart disease, acute globulitis in various parts, and lumbar disc herniation during neurological edema, and nerve root cervical spondylum patients cannot perform massage therapy.

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