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Always lose hair and accompanied by three major symptoms. Doctors: It is no doubt that kidney yang deficiency!

With more and more health awareness, everyone has learned some health knowledge more or less. For example, those who have hair loss always feel that their kidneys deficiency, because the “Yellow Emperor’s Inner Classic” said: The kidney master hides essence, is born of blood, and its Hua is sending. “

The source of theory is right, but Sun Zhanxue, deputy chief physician of the dermatology department of the Oriental Hospital of Beijing University of Traditional Chinese Medicine, reminds that the number of hair loss and kidney deficiency cannot be divided, and blindly supplement, but it may be more and more supplemented!

Experts interviewed: Sun Zhanxue, deputy chief physician of the dermatology department of Dongfang Hospital of Beijing University of Traditional Chinese Medicine

The times are different. Most of the hair loss is because of damp heat!

The statement of the Yellow Emperor’s Canon is indeed the truth, but it has its historical limitations. In ancient times, food was not as rich as it is now. Most people could not keep up with nutrition. People who lived under this condition had hair loss because of kidney deficiency. At this time, if you supplement food such as walnuts and black sesame seeds, the effect of improving hair loss can be very obvious.

But today when material conditions are extremely rich, nutritional surplus replacement of malnutrition has become a major issue that plagues people’s health. Correspondingly, more and more hair loss is no longer because of kidney deficiency. Sun Zhanxue has exposed to many hair loss patients in the clinic. He summarized that 80%of hair loss is now due to damp heat!

In addition to the reduction of hair loss caused by damp heat, patients are often accompanied by symptoms such as obesity, red tongue, yellow tongue coating, and greasy facial. At this time, if the recipe with kidney deficiency is large, the damp and heat will be more serious, and the scalp will be more prone to oil, and then aggravate hair loss.

“This is similar to the seborrheic hair loss of modern medicine.” Dr. Sun Zhanxue introduced that in response to this kind of hair loss, the treatment direction of traditional Chinese medicine is clear and humid heat, and improves damp heat. In addition to the necessary treatment, the patient must also adjust the lifestyle, such as the diet should be light, avoid greasy and sweet; stay up late, control the secretion of the head of the head.

Dr. Sun Zhanxue also provided a tea with auxiliary dampness and heat: take Coptis 3g, 10g of Chenpi, 5g of raw hawthorn, and drink like tea.

Kidney collapse is divided into yin and yang, and postpartum blood deficiency must be careful!

Although kidney deficiency hair loss is no longer the mainstream, Dr. Sun Zhanxue pointed out that hair loss caused by kidney deficiency also has about 10%in modern society.

Kidney collapse hair loss is not just as simple as eating walnuts and black sesame seeds every day. Dr. Sun Zhanxue introduced that kidney deficiency is also divided into kidney yin deficiency and kidney yang deficiency, and must be treated under the guidance of the doctor.

If a person is also accompanied by symptoms such as soft waist and knees, fatigue, fatigue, upset of hands and feet, thin tongue, and no tongue coating, you must consider hair loss caused by kidney yin deficiency. On the contrary, if a person with hair loss is cold and cold, the tongue is fat, and the tongue coating is slippery.

However, judging the type of kidney deficiency through symptoms is just a reference. In the end, the type of hair loss belongs to the type, or the doctor must have to see the comprehensive judgment.

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In addition to hair loss caused by damp heat and kidney deficiency, another more common type is blood deficiency and hair loss, which is more common in postpartum and lactation. Generally speaking, this hair loss will improve with the recovery of women’s bodies.

“When boiling porridge or soup, calculate astragalus, angelica, and lotus leaves. Drinking a little every day can help nourish qi and blood and alleviate postpartum hair loss.” Dr. Sun Zhanxue said that if you do too much hair loss, you should go to the hospital to use nourishment under the guidance of the doctor. Qi and blood drugs.

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