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Alzheimer’s patients should use bright tableware

A study at the University of Boston in the United States shows that the colorful cups and plates seem to help increase the diet of patients with late elderly dementia (Alzheimer).

Bright colored tableware can help Alzheimer’s patients to improve the sensitivity of visual differences that have been reduced, and they will also increase their diet by 25%or more.This method may be able to improve the nutritional status of patients with late Alzheimer’s disease.

About 40%of patients with Alzheimer will have serious health problems, resulting in a decrease in weight.When the type of food is more than one, they cannot concentrate.Patients themselves cannot eat independently is one of the reasons that cause weight loss.

Researchers found that when the white tableware was replaced with a bright red, the patient’s food volume increased by 24.6%, and the drinking water increased by 83.7%; when the white tableware was replaced with blue, the patient’s food volume increased by 25.1%, and the patient’s food was increased by 25.1%.Drinking water increased by 29.8%.

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