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Amazon’s expired milk powder!Haitao milk powder, you need to bear these risks

Amazon was found out of the sales expired milk powder

On October 23rd, according to CNBC, Amazon’s third -party sellers had the behavior of selling expired products, especially many expired foods and unsafe problems products began to be discovered.

CNBC claims that Amazon has become the preferred website for many grocery stores, especially since the company acquired a full -food supermarket two years ago. However, more and more consumers have found that, just like the broader Amazon market has the main problems of counterfeiting and unsafe products. Grocery stores are also full of similar problems, such as expired foods.

Amazon’s customers said that from infant formula milk powder and coffee milk to beef jerky and Grannora wheat slices, the items to the goods have deteriorated, far exceeding the sales date. The interviews of the brand, consumers, third -party sellers and consultants all point out the loopholes in Amazon technology and logistics systems. These vulnerabilities make the expired items sell hard to sell them outside.

Haitao milk powder, you need to bear these risks

With the development of e -commerce and logistics, because of the decrease in the credit of domestic brands, more and more mothers like to buy supplies and foods, especially milk powder through purchasing or Haitao. But in fact, Haitao also has great risks.

1. May buy fake or futures

In the process of Haitao and purchasing, it is really easy to encounter cottage goods. Some persons who have worked overseas purchasing said that “purchaser” should “pack” domestic goods into foreign goods, and there are many means. If someone specializes in buying an international logistics order number and posted on the domestic shipping box, some people are air -time from abroad Carton boxes are installed in the “international carton”, and some purchasing information will also attach information such as small tickets and logistics tracking of supermarkets, but these can actually be faked. It is also reported that many cheap milk powder of Haitao actually collected expired milk powder and temporary milk powder in Europe, and sold to China after modifying the shelf life.

The previous two are purchased through the gap or Haitao platform, so can you avoid these traps directly on overseas e -commerce platforms? Many good English mothers will choose to buy themselves on overseas e -commerce platforms. This can indeed avoid the problem of fraud in the middle process. However, as Amazon is exposed to expired milk powder, it is difficult for e -commerce platforms to be difficult to achieve in terms of supervision. One by one.

2. The transportation process is difficult to keep the cargo safety

Haitao milk powder is also easily damaged during the continuous transportation process. Some staff members of the transfer company said that they can express milk powder from Australia to China. The damage of the inner part of the email, especially the vacuum packaging milk powder, is put on the milk powder box, or other express pieces are pressed on the packaging box, or if it is too large during the loading and unloading process, it may cause milk powder explosion.

3. Can’t understand packaging is not conducive to safe use

For most domestic mothers, buying overseas milk powder is facing the problem of not understanding product information. This is very unfavorable to use, and even missing important information, such as the allergic ingredients of some babies may cause bad health for health. Impact.

4. Haitao nutritional products are not necessarily suitable for Chinese children

Cui Yutao, director of the pediatric department of Beijing Human Mujia Hospital, wrote that foreign nutritional products are not necessarily better than China. Even if good quality foreign nutritional products are not necessarily suitable for Chinese children. Taking common vitamin D as an example, the supplement of vitamin D is different from each country. Some parents were puzzled by this: “When the child was in Thailand, the doctor said that he did not need to make up. He returned to China and said that he had to make up 400 units every day. In Northern Europe, he said that he would make up for 600 units. Do not supplement vitamin D, how much daily supplementation, which is directly related to the time and intensity of our skin that is irradiated with sunlight in the day. However, many parents do not understand. I think it is good to buy this product in which country’s products are good or which products are recommended by friends. This is likely to cause children with insufficient vitamin D or excessive supplement. Therefore, sometimes Haitao is not a simple product, it is also directly related to the environment of children’s life.

5. It is difficult to guarantee after -sales

If there is a problem with Haitao milk powder, it is difficult to return and exchange goods, because when in Haitao, general merchants will ask consumers to agree to “not refund and change.” It is difficult to protect rights. First of all, it is difficult to proof. Secondly, it is difficult in the actual operation. The lawsuit process is complicated. The cost of litigation may be greater than the amount of claims.

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