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American Family Doctor Society: How to be smart to deal with allergies and asthma in spring and summer?

In the spring of all things, the risk of severe allergies and asthma attacks will also increase. Therefore, people need to take some preventive measures and know when they need to seek medical treatment.

“Spring brought more people to the emergency room,” Dr. Paul Kivela, chairman of the American Emergency Physician Association, said in the newly released news released by the association. “For most people, asthma and allergies are controllable, but they can also easily endanger life. You can develop a need for the exposure to known excessive allergies, carrying the required drugs with you, and formula for asthma and allergies. Behavior planning to minimize risks. “

According to the Federal Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, more than 1.8 million people were sent to the emergency room due to asthma in the United States. KIVELA said that asthma people should have an emergency treatment when these situations: after using rescue inhalations, the symptoms have not improved rapidly; they are exhausted or talked about a complete sentence. Blue.

Picnic, barbecue, pool parties and other outdoor gatherings can put some people in the risk of allergic reactions to life -threatening. Most of them are due to food allergies. It is estimated that every three minutes in the United States, a food allergies are sent to the emergency room.

Insect bite and wounds are another common cause of allergic reactions. KIVELA said that symptoms such as tingling, numbness in numbness or mouth usually appear in one minute, but the development of allergic reactions in life may take several hours.

If you or other people have any following symptoms, please seek emergency immediately:

1. Difficulty swallowing or breathing

2. Tongue, throat, nose or face swelling

3. Scars, itching or redness appear on the skin, lips, eyelids, or other body parts

4. The skin is blue or gray, especially the lips or nails

5. Nausea, stomach cramps, vomiting/diarrhea

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6. palpitations; weakness and pulse tachycardia; confusion of the brain, unclear mouth; dizziness, decreased blood pressure, fainting or unconscious.

If someone has an allergic reaction, please call 120 immediately. In the time of waiting for the first responder to arrive, please lie flat and raise your feet; if you have self -injection adrenaline Pharmaceutical labels, bracelets or neck rings may help identify allergies, KIVELA said.

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