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Analyze how men’s private parts clean

From the perspective of physiological and hygiene, men’s vulva includes penis, scrotum, foreskin, glans, etc., which also has the possibility of physiological secretions and external pollution. Zhou Yan and so on. There are also those with too long foreskin or phimosis, which is more prone to penile foreskin disease. Foreskin dirt is generally accumulated in the ring -shaped coronary groove behind the glans. It is not noticed by the cover of the foreskin. Foreskin dirt can cause foreskinitis, foreskin glans ulcers or form stones. Repeated stimulation can induce penile cancer. In addition, because the anus is not easy to clean after the stool, many diseases such as hepatitis, dysentery, and parasitic diseases are spread through feces. Men insist on daily “small baths” are a effective way to prevent diseases.

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A few steps for men’s cleaning:

The order of cleaning is generally easy to understand. You must wash the genitals first, and then wash the anus. After washing the anus, you must not re -wash the genital organ with the same pot of water. The order of drying is the same as the above. You should prepare a towel alone and do not mix with the foot washing towel. After wiping, wash the towels with clean water and dry it.

When the winter climate is cold, wash your body with warm water before going to bed, and then rub the perineal area with hot towels. It can also promote blood circulation of the whole body. There are still significant effects on middle -aged and elderly insomnia, sexual functional recession, impotence, hemorrhoids, etc. These methods may be easy to try.

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In view of the characteristics of the perineal skin mentioned above, we can also understand why wearing jeans is not good for health. Of course, this impact is mainly limited to the perineum.

Another problem is that through the tight jeans to make the testicles close to the perineum, the heat dissipation of the scrotum is also affected, so the temperature of the testicles will increase, which may cause the testicular sperm -generating disorder, which may cause the danger of male infertility Essence From the current evidence, the cause of testicular sperm caused by this cause is unlikely to become permanent, and it is likely to return to normal after not wearing this kind of leggings. However, the impact on local hygiene should not be ignored.

(Intern editor: Chen Zhanli)

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