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Angiogenesis: predicting Biocerous biomarkers that induce high blood pressure risks

Hypertension is a poisonous side effect of Bervarzumab and other anti -vascular production drugs. There are currently no biomarkers that can predict Bevar’s anti -blood pressure risk.

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The study aims to identify plasma proteins related to vascular system functions to predict the risk of Bevar single -resistant hypertension.

The 398 of the 398 patients from two clinical trials (CALGB 80303 and 90401) were collected by 398 patients receiving Bergetomable patients with pre -treated plasma samples, and 17 kinds of protein levels were detected through ELISA. Based on the logical regression ratio ratio (OR) to evaluate the correction ratio (OR) to evaluate the association between various proteins and Bedar Mipide based on age, gender and clinical trials. Using the best cut point of each protein, it is estimated that the sensitivity, specificity, positive prediction value (PPV) and negative prediction value (NPV) of high blood pressure.

There is no difference in the level of the five proteins between clinical trials and is included in further analysis. Low-level blood vessels-2 (P = 0.0013, or 3.41, 95% CI 1.67-7.55), VEGF-A (P = 0.0008, OR 4.25, 95% CI 1.93-10.72) and VCAM-1 (P = 0.0067, OR 2.68, 95% CI 1.34-5.63) is related to the increase in the risk of level 3 high blood pressure.

Multi-variable models indicate vascular production-2 (P = 0.0111, OR 2.71, 95% CI 1.29-6.10), VEGF-A (P = 0.0051, OR 3.66, 95% CI 1.54-9.73) and VCAM-1 (P = 0.0308, OR 2.27, 95% CI 1.10-4.92) all have independent effects.这三种蛋白或其中两种蛋白的水平同时减低提示贝伐单抗诱发高血压的风险进一步增加:OR 10.06 (95% CI 3.92-34.18,p=1.80×10-5)、敏感性89.7%、 Specific 53.5%, PPV 17.3%and NPV 97.9%.

This is the first study that provides potential values ​​that predict the potential value of Bevar’s antipyretic risk of hypertension, or can help clinically identify patients with high Bayevar anti -blood pressure risks.

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Primitive source:

Quintanilha Julia C F,Liu Yingmiao,Etheridge Amy S et al. Plasma levels of angiopoietin-2, VEGF-A, and VCAM-1 as markers of bevacizumab-induced hypertension: CALGB 80303 and 90401 (Alliance). Angiogenesis, 2021, https: //

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