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Another male artist died, why did young people who seemed healthy died suddenly?

According to media reports, Taiwanese male model Zhang Zhixuan suddenly fainted in the middle of the night on March 15th, and the rescue was invalid for emergency treatment to rescue. Unfortunately, he died at the age of 23.

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However, in this month alone, there are 4 young people we know died of sudden death:

On March 2nd, the Tai Chi band keyboardist Tang Yicong died suddenly, and then confirmed that his cause of death was heart disease.

On March 5th, the well -known Internet celebrity anchor died suddenly at the time of shooting at the age of 29.

On March 13, the well -known stage actor Huang Minan suddenly fell to the ground during the gap in the theater during the art festival. It was not until he fell to the ground for an hour that he had no heartbeat. He was only 42 years old!

First, why do these healthy young people suddenly die suddenly?

Because it may just “look healthy”.

The survey shows that about 80 % of white -collar workers in my country are in a state of excessive fatigue. Chronic fatigue stress is not only the cause of early causes of coronary heart disease in young and middle -aged people, but also an important cause of sudden heart death in patients with coronary heart disease in young and middle -aged and young people. It accounts for 65%-80%of the cases of sudden cardiac death.

1. Bad living habits are the causes of danger of sudden death

Tobacco tobacco contains a large amount of harmful substances to lung, blood vessels, and heart. China has always been a big tobacco country. Data show that the smoking rate of people 15 and above in my country is 26.6%, of which the smoking rate of young people aged 15-24 has increased year by year. Non -smokers will also suffer from second -hand cigarettes, with an exposure of 68.1%.

In addition, obesity, especially abdominal obesity, is also a high -risk factor for cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases. The “Report on Nutrition and Chronic Diseases of Chinese Residents (2020)” shows that 50% of Chinese adults have the problem of overweight and obesity, and even 20% of children aged 6-17 are over 20% of the weight.

Sitting and not moving, greasy takeaways, heavy taste snacks … These bad living habits are hidden risks of sudden death.

2. Metabolic -related diseases are the basis of sudden death

Many common chronic diseases, such as hypertension and hyperglycemia, are important risk factors for coronary heart disease and stroke. And these “elderly diseases” are not only more and more, but also younger.

3. Excessive fatigue, make sudden death a step closer

Long -term lack of sleep will not only increase sudden death caused by cardiovascular disease, but also increase the risk of accidents due to reduced cognitive function.

2. What should we do when accidents occur?

1. Urgent judgment on the scene -patting the patient’s shoulders and inquiries.

When the fell -down person did not respond, he should immediately call 120 and send someone to pick up the first aid box and AED.

2. Observe the patient’s breathing. If you do n’t breathe or breathe just for dying, you need to start the cardiopulmonary resuscitation and use AED as soon as possible!

3. Establishing health goals is the first step in self -salvation!

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Many sudden deaths have actually suffered from coronary heart disease, but they usually have no symptoms and do not do targeted examinations. Then add excessive labor, stimulation stimuli, etc., eventually leading to a tragedy of sudden heart death. Those days when I sleep late because of overtime, tobacco and alcohol because of anxiety, panic because of busy work, because I do n’t want to move, I do n’t want to exercise … These inconspicuous small things push our tired us a little bit towards us. The abyss of sudden death.

If you have worried about your own health, if you have realized the problem, you may wish to set up some small goals for yourself: 10 minutes to go to bed early today; eat more vegetables tomorrow; challenge to drink sweet drinks in January; One movement; control weight; do a comprehensive physical examination once a year … The tragedy of sudden death should not be reproduced again and again. These small health goals are the first step for self -salvation.

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