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“Anti -influenza medicine” attracts parents to accommodate medicine

In the period of winter influenza in winter, recently, a drug named “Oascow” was fired on the Internet, and even touted as “anti -influenza magic medicine”, which attracted many citizens, especially parents to buy. In this regard, a number of pediatric experts in Wuhan said that “Oascwell” cannot be cured. If the dosage of children’s medication is improper, it may also bring hidden health hazards.

Netizens posted small videos to expose “God Medicine”

32 -year -old Ms. Wang often brushed small videos on her mobile phone. In the past few days, she found that many netizens took videos to show a medicine called “Oshwewe”. After seeing it, she learned that Olyva Wei was held by parents as anti -influenza “magic medicines”. At present, some parents are accumulating at a lot of money. “Last winter, her daughter flu, and she had a cough and a fever. She went to the hospital to see a doctor and the family was so tired.” Ms. Wang said that now it is the peak of the flu. After the video is brushed, she also wants to prepare some medicines in advance, so as not to so as not to do it. The child is “recruiting” again and has no medicine. On the weekend, she ran a few pharmacies near the house, and was told that no Oasis Wei was told. Subsequently, she ran to the pediatric clinic of Hanyang Hospital for prescribing medicine. As a result, the doctor declined and advised him not to take medicine without authorization.

In the past few days, a reporter from the Chutian Metropolis Daily visited Houkou Lake Lake and Wuchang Zhongbei Road in Wuchang. The clerk said that the number of customers who asked and purchased Oasis Weil recently were significantly increased. Parents needed.

Experts suggest not to follow the trend

Can the hot -fried Oasis on the Internet really be able to prevent the influenza?

Wang Ying, chief physician of the Department of Respiratory Medicine of Wuhan Children’s Hospital, said that the influenza of the influenza in the influenza is only one of the cold. It refers to the acute respiratory infectious disease caused by type A or B virus. More. Although Osdowe is recommended for influenza recommended by the WHO, it has no effect on normal colds such as bacterial infections, mycoplasma, and chlamydia infections.

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Mei Guichun, director of the pediatric department of Hanyang Hospital in Wuhan City, added that Oasis is a prescription medicine. It has its own indications and scope of use. Even if there is a type A or B influenza, it is necessary to take medicine under the guidance of the physician. In addition, according to the weight of each child, this medicine also has different usage. Parents can take their children at will, which may lead to hidden health hazards, so it is not advisable to blindly accommodate the medicine.

In fact, vaccination is the most effective means to prevent influenza. Drugs are only emergency and temporary prevention measures for severe influenza high -risk groups that have not obtained immunity after vaccination or vaccination. Wang Ying suggested that September and October each year are the best time to vaccine vaccination. If you miss it, you can also vaccinate the influenza active period, and there will be preventive effects. In addition, it is recommended that you can improve your own immunity by resting, balanced diet, reasonable exercise, and enhanced physical fitness. Family prevent influenza, you need to pay attention to opening more windows to ventilate and wash your hands. Try to isolate the child to avoid transmission to the child.

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