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Antibiotics can be used in chicken breeding. What harm will it cause to the human body?Tell you the truth

“Chicken wings are the most poisonous!”

Ms. Liu found a chocolate cyst a few months ago. I did not expect that she soon recurred after surgery. Then my colleague asked her if she liked chicken wings, and said that chicken antibiotics and hormones were all entered from the tip of the chicken wings, so there were residuals.A large amount of antibiotics, and the effect of women and hormones, so it is particularly easy to get uterine tumors.

As soon as Ms. Liu heard it, she felt quite reasonable. Now the chicken heard that the column can be released as soon as 33 days, and she can sell it for 10 yuan, which must be greasy.So she made up her mind and never eat chicken anymore, especially the tip of chicken wings.

Chicken is the most common food, but many people are not assured of chicken, especially the use of antibiotics. Does “antibiotic chicken” really exist?Can you still eat it?



1. Antibiotic chicken is actually very common, maybe you have eaten it

Antibiotics are very common in life. It is also called antibacterial drugs. Bacterial infections, mycoplasma infections, etc. can use antibiotics to kill pathogenic bacteria.

One -third of the US antibiotics are applied to agricultural and livestock breeding, and China also has more than half of it. Why should we use antibiotics for chickens?In fact, antibiotics are used to prevent animals from getting sick, and it is also conducive to human disease prevention.In other words, humans can use antibiotics for treatment, and animals are naturally possible. This is not a fresh event.The use of antibiotics for animals can control the bacteria in its body and will not induce diseases.

This behavior is also very beneficial for human health. Some studies have found that more than 60 % of human beings have new hair infectious diseases caused by animals.The use of antibiotics on animals is to solve problems from the source, avoiding some pathogenic bacteria in animals to humans, causing human illness.

Not only that, antibiotics can also promote chicken growth.The industry recognizes the low -dose antibiotics added to the feed, which can have 5 ~ 10%of the growth effect of animals, but China has banned antibiotics to chicken feed from 2020.

At this time, some people will say that since the chicken does use antibiotics, there will definitely be residual antibiotics to stay on the chicken. The tip of the chicken wings is the “severe disaster area”, which must not be this real?

Second, is the tip of chicken wings really the most poisonous?Can you still eat it?

The part of the antibiotics to the chicken is generally not the tip of the chicken wings, but the part of the wings near the wings and the parts of the skin that is “loose”.But it does not mean that the location of the injection cannot be eaten, because antibiotics will be transported to the whole body with the blood circulation and will not stay in the same place.

Can the chicken beaten by antibiotics still eat it?

The abuse of antibiotics is harmful, which is beyond doubt.The abuse of antibiotics may damage the nervous system, kidney, and blood system health, especially some people with abnormal liver and kidney function, which will bring greater damage to the body; for some people who are easy to be allergic, the abuse of antibiotics may still be able to abuse antibiotics.Allergic shock, endangering life safety; and a large amount of antibiotics can cause the body to produce drug resistance, and it will face the dilemma of no medicine when it is used.

Liu Peihong, director of the Shanghai Animal Disease Prevention and Control Center, said that my country has strict requirements for the use of animal antibiotics, and the dosage and rest period have clearly stipulated.

Under the premise of compliance with standards, eating chicken will not have too much impact on health. According to the monitoring of the Ministry of Agriculture, the overall qualification rate of various veterinary drugs in the country such as chicken and other major animal and poultry products has remained at 99%higher than 99%.Level.

We don’t need to worry too much. In our lives, the amount of eggs and pure meat in our lives is between 120 and 200g. The impact of intake antibiotics on the human body can almost ignore it.

Although most of the use of antibiotics meet the standards, there is still a very small probability of abuse. How can we avoid this risk to the greatest extent?Teach you two methods.

3. How to reduce the risk of antibiotics in chicken?

1. Buy from the regular market

To buy chicken daily, you must go to the regular supermarkets and markets. Do not buy some unqualified stalls. It is easy to buy risky chicken.

2. Do not abuse antibiotics when you are sick

When you are sick in your life, try to reduce the frequency of antibiotics as much as possible, which is good for the human body to resist super bacteria.

Chicken is one of the important ways for the human body to supplement nutrition. It can be eaten at ease daily, but pay attention to the amount of control when eating these two parts to minimize the frequency of intake.

Fourth, I sincerely recommend: Don’t eat these parts of the chickens

1. Chicken buttocks

The cavity on the chicken butt is part of the lymphatic tissue. This part may have pathogens and metabolic foreign objects that can be decomposed in the future. If you want to eat chicken butt, you must buy strict treatment and be completely cooked.In addition, chicken butt is still a slightly high -fat food, which can easily lead to excess fat intake.

2. Chicken skin

The fat content contained in chicken skin is also particularly high, which can easily lead to gaining weight, especially for some people who are obese, it is better not to eat chicken skin.

There are many rumors about chicken. In this regard, we need to learn which rumors are the truth, and to avoid letting some rumors affect our lives.

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