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Aphrodisiac cancer men have 7 great benefits to eat green onions

Scallions are common vegetables. The folks have the saying of “a green onion, ten minutes”. It can be seen that green onions have a good aphrodisiac effect. In addition to the aphrodisiac, green onions also have many health effects, especially suitable for male friends. Do you know what health effects are onion?

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7 major health care effects of green onions

1. Aphrodisiac

The benefits of shallots have to be said to have aphrodisiac effect. Various vitamins in the onions are normal secretion of human hormones, which can also effectively irritate sexual desires, and then play a role in aphrodisiac. Therefore, men can eat onions in moderation.

2. Sweat

The green onion has stimulated the body’s sweat glands to achieve sweat and heat dissipation; onion oil can stimulate the upper respiratory tract and make the sticky sputum easily cough. The onion contains the role of bacteria and viruses, especially the effects of dysentery and skin fungal inhibitory.

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3. Prevent cancer

The pectin contained in shallots can reduce the occurrence of colon cancer and have anti -cancer effects. The garlic in the onion can also inhibit the growth of cancer cells; onion also contains trace element selenium, which can reduce the nitrite content in the gastric juice, which has a certain effect on preventing gastric cancer and various cancers.

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