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Apple cider vinegar can lower uric acid?Inventory of those unreliable uric acid methods

According to the statistics of epidemiography in my country, the prevalence of gout is 0.86% to 2.20%. That is to say, 1 to 2 of 100 people suffer from gout. The hyperuricemia, which is closely related to gout, is the fourth high after the three highs.

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The folk and merchants are also full of rumors about uric acid. Which of them are real and effective, and which are IQ taxes?

Rumors 1: Apple cider vinegar can lower uric acid?

Not only are apple cider vinegar merchants that promote apple cider vinegar to lower uric acid and prevent gout, some people also think that sour foods can promote the excretion of uric acid.

The pH of the food in the body is not determined by our taste, but it is determined by its decomposed product in the body. The decomposition of apple cider vinegar in the body is alkaline.

So is merchant propagating that apple cider vinegar can reduce uric acid?

As everyone knows, our body has a complex and huge mechanism to balance the pH. Therefore, the pH of food is very limited on the pH of our body.

Rumors 2: Apple cider vinegar can lose weight?

A small part of the uric acid in the human body comes from food, and a lot of part of the metabolism from our fat. Don’t you “curve the sour” to reduce excess fat? ‘‘ ‘

Want to lose weight? Tens of millions of methods remit into a sentence: Keep your mouth and open your legs.

Apple cider vinegar can help you hold your mouth to a certain extent.

The content of carbohydrates in fruit vinegar is extremely low, generally 0 ~ 0.2g / dl (referring to pure fruit vinegar without processing).

Apple cider vinegar can reduce appetite and help reduce food/energy intake.

Studies have shown that apple cider vinegar can delay gastric emptying time, allowing the body to better metabolize glucose in the blood and reduce insulin secretion. Insulin is an important hormone for the metabolism of sugar, lipids and protein in the human body. It can promote glycogen synthesis, inhibit the decomposition of glycogen and glycogen, and promote fat synthesis. (Originally, food that helped digestion is the culprit of obesity.)

In summary: Apple cider vinegar can help us reduce energy intake to a certain extent. but! “Burning fat” promoted by some merchants is simply flickering you. “Burning fat” can only rely on scientific movements.

Rumors 3: Can the baking soda lower uric acid?

When doctors are prescribed for patients with hyperuricemia and gout, they often allow patients to use soda to use soda. Therefore, many patients may think that baking soda can lower uric acid.

Let’s talk about whether the soda can reduce uric acid.

Strictly speaking, the baking soda is not a drug that is reduced in uric acid. What is here is more of the role of auxiliary therapy -alkaline urine.

The pH value of our normal urine is about (5.5 ~ 7.5). When our urine pH is 5.0, uric acid salt is easy to form uric acid crystals, and it is not easy to discharge from the body. When pH exceeds 6.75, most of the uric acid is free and easy to discharge from the body.

The ingredients of soda are sodium bicarbonate, which is an alkaline inorganic salt that is easily soluble in water. It can play a role in alkaline urine in the human body to help uric acid excrete.

Soda do not directly lower uric acid. It is necessary to combine with real uric acid drugs to achieve the purpose of lowering uric acid.

Rum 4: Drink plenty of soda water to lower uric acid

As mentioned above, baking soda can help alkaline uric acid and assist in lowering uric acid. Is it useful to drink more soda with baking soda?

The content of soda soda in soda is limited. Whether these contents can achieve alkaline urine are doubtful.

Soda drinks contain a large amount of food additives, especially some sugar. For gout patients, a large amount of sugar -containing soda may increase uric acid.

For gout patients, the best drink is boiled water. In addition, the more alkaline urine is, the better. Excessive alkaline (urine pH> 7) will increase the risk of other stones such as calcium oxalate.

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Romance 5: Startemed exercise helps the condition to recover

Doctors usually encourage patients to exercise more. On the one hand, they can exercise joints and lose weight on the other hand.

However, a large amount of lactic acid will produce a strenuous exercise. The stacking of lactic acid in the body will inhibit the excretion of uric acid, resulting in an increased level of uric acid in the body.

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On the other hand, a large amount of sweating during exercise leads to a decrease in urine output, and uric acid is excreted with urine. The uric acid in the body cannot be discharged in time, which will cause relatively increased uric acid in the body and increase the condition.

Therefore, for gout patients, it is recommended to exercise moderately, step by step, and not overwhelmed.

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