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Apply a single cloning antibody to treat psoriasis

Recently, scientists from Austria have published their latest research results online on the famous international journal Nature. They discovered a monoclonal antibody named Tildrakizumab can effectively treat psoriasis, and proved that it was effective through a series of clinical trials that it was effective Sex provides a reliable and effective treatment for psoriasis.

Psoriasis is a chronic inflammatory skin disease, which affects about 2%to 3%of the population in the world, and has a very serious adverse effect on patients’ physiology and psychology. Earlier studies have found that psoriasis is an immune disease that has developed many effective targeted treatments for its disease characteristics. Recently, some studies have locked their attention to the IL-12/23P40 subunit of IL12 and IL23. Specific inhibitory IL-23 may improve psoriasis.

In this study, the researchers evaluated a monoclonal antibody of Tildrakizumab’s targeted IL-23P19 Asianwita. In this evaluation, they divided it to three parts of patients with severe psoriasis into three parts. It has provided clinical evidence that random, placebo control, continuous, continuous, multi-dose and other characteristics to provide clinical evidence for specific targeting IL-23P19 sub-clone antibody to improve the symptoms of psoriasis diseases. The results show that after 196 days of treatment, the first and third parts of the patients were used in the psoriasis area and severity index score (PASI) of 3 mg/kg and 10mg/kg drug dosage group. 75%, and in the second part of the patient, after 112 days of treatment, two -thirds of patients with 3mg/kg drug dose group reached PASI75, while only one person was not 1 person in the 10mg/kg drug dose group. Reaching this standard.

The emergence of Tildrakizumab antibodies shows that people have made tremendous progress in the clinical treatment of severe psoriasis.

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