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Are you stepping on these asthma misunderstandings?

Speaking of asthma, everyone should not be unfamiliar. After all, asthma often appears in various movies and TV series. Asthma, that is, bronchial asthma, is a chronic airway disease, which is characterized by chronic inflammation reactions.

Although everyone has a certain understanding of asthma, many cognitions are actually incorrect. Many asthma misunderstandings do not know how many times. Today we talk about asthma misunderstanding.

Misunderstanding 1: Asthma patients cannot exercise

Asthma patients can exercise appropriately, exercise can enhance patients’ immunity and improve cardiopulmonary function. It is recommended to choose more soothing exercise, such as jogging and swimming. Carry with asthma and first -aid drugs during exercise, stop exercise immediately.

Misunderstanding 2: Asthma is a symptom of incurable

Under the current medical conditions, asthma cannot be cured, but asthma is not incurable. Under the guidance of a doctor, insist on medication, regular examination, 80%of patients can achieve clinical control, and the quality of life of patients will not be affected.

Asthma itself is a chronic disease that needs long -term treatment. Patients with asthma must obey the doctor’s advice and not stop the medicine without authorization, so as not to cause unnecessary harm to the body.

Misunderstanding: Medication only when asthma occurs

Asthma medication can be roughly divided into two categories: maintenance treatment and emergency relief medication. When asthma patients have acute attacks, emergency relief can improve acute symptoms at the time of onset and prevent the body from being damaged or dying. When asthma does not occur, inflammation of the bronchial is still existed, and treatment medicines need to be maintained.

Misunderstanding 4: Asthma mainly depends on inheritance

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Some people think that parents do not have asthma, and their children will definitely not have asthma. Asthma has a certain genetic tendency, but there are various factors that can cause asthma. Repeated respiratory infections, climate factors, excessive exercise, emotional instability, etc. can cause asthma.

Misunderstanding 5: Children have asthma, just grow up

With the increase of age, some children’s asthma occurs less and less, and the symptoms will gradually be reduced, and they may even completely disappear. However, the chance of healing of asthma is actually very low. Asthma itself is a chronic disease with recurrent attacks, and it is likely to miss the best treatment for the best treatment without control.

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