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Art, no need to teach or learn

Art cannot teach

Creation cannot teach or learn. Fine art education is the least in all disciplines that do not need to teach or not need to learn. Unfortunately, there are not many people who know arts. There are very few parents and teachers who know art. Essence

In the process of “teaching” and “learning” excessively, children’s natural intuition and creativity are suppressed or stifled. Standing on the original point of view, “teaching” is a dangerous thing. Experts point out that “knowledge” can be taught, but “creation” cannot be taught. Creation is an out -of -the -art student, cannot be taught or learned. Creation is a natural talent. Children can graffiti from one year old. At this time, he needs what he needs. It is not a “teach”, but a broad space that can be free to play and imagine, and experience it in person.

Color and beauty need to be cultivated

At the same time, experts also reminded that although art cannot teach, the cultivation and color cognition of beauty requires teaching and continuous practice. To cultivate beauty and perception of color, the best way is to worship nature as a teacher, and use the natural original color of the forest as the field as the first step to understand color.

Adults always think that from infant rooms to kindergartens, they need to be high -chromatographic or brightly colored cartoon characters in order to attract children’s attention. In fact, soak in such a mixed -colored tank every day will cause children to have no tone of color tone. Feelings and mistakes. Experts point out that many young children’s paintings have strong lines, but the color is many and mixed, showing that the induction of color is to be developed and practiced. Field exercises and cultivation.

Child is a creative master

As soon as the child started to pick up the brush, he stood at the original high point. They do not need to get rid of the shackles of visual inertia like adults, and with pure eyes, they can reach the core of the fact; these unique originals are not taught. Therefore, the great painters in this world, such as Picasso, Miro, and others, in order to pursue a higher artistic breakthrough and establish a personal unique style, to turn to the original art or children’s painting to seek inspiration to open up a new field of vision and possibility.

The purity of the children has not been polluted, and it is not restrained by the visual inertia. It is their instinct to draw the “heart statue” with a full intuition observation. pursued.

However, with the age of age, this imagination will eventually dry out if the living soil is nourished without irrigation. If you want to keep this original vitality, you should help your child to build a self -developing values ​​and encourage independent thinking ability to avoid losing confidence and aesthetic sensitivity under the excessive interference of adults or various visual pollution.

The child has the freedom of “painting is not like”

The painting “like” is not the purpose of art education. The painting is to satisfy the desire and instinct of the children’s graffiti, let him develop the habit of independent creation, and be brave to express himself. Through the creation and shape and color of different genres to develop the aesthetic experience of life.

Only the correct concept of aesthetic education can protect the precious originality of children. Parents and teachers who grow up under schoolism are too excessive to achieve the orientation of the results, and need to be too needed to paint, but ignore the most preciousness, but ignore the most precious “Original”.

In addition to providing environmental and materials, parents and teachers are the “guidance”. Although the visuals that children have not developed are careless, they already have inherently absorbing minds; through painting, they develop observations and associations. Creativity cannot be given directly. To ignite from the inside, adults should cherish the original freedom of children, break the myth of “painting like a good painting”, and give children the freedom of creative creation of graffiti freely.

Adults intervene in children to shrink their hands

Adults’ interference and excessive results orientation are the culprits of creativity! Let your child graffiti freely! This is a wonderful talent instinct in the early days of life, just like the sensitive period proposed by educational expert Maria Montessori.

This is the original hidden potential. Parents or teachers should grasp this fleeting instinct and open the door of the child’s creation from the graffiti period. Once the age increases, it is gradually restricted by the society. It will gradually lose, and it may be lost permanent.

Everyone is the creator of their own life. The free will of children is expressed in graffiti, becoming the internal motivation for independence and self -exploration. It is the beginning of autonomous learning.

However, children who are dedicated and accompanied by creative pleasure are always disturbed by their parents. Seeing the chaotic lines full of paper, I thought the child would not draw, and hurriedly taught him or sent to a talent class. In fact, from the “disorderly graffiti” from the age of two to the four -year -old “naming painting” period, The chaos drawn by the painting can only be understood by the children, but as long as the adults start with the guidance, the journey of self -exploration will be suspended.

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When the child says “I can’t draw”, adults start to “demonstrate teaching”, and the child has developed the habit of dependence from then on. He does not know how to think independently, and self -confidence is also lost in the accusations of adults. Please understand that this is a natural process. Parents do not need to rush or have no rush to come. Early intervention and intervention is to deprive the children early to experience the freedom of the imagination of Tianma. The child is big and naturally starts to paint. However, it may gradually lose valuable originality.

Looking at the so -called “painting” works in the eyes of many adults, it is full of rigid concepts and trajectories of adults’ poor guidance. The ignorance of adults is wrong to kill children. It is regrettable.

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