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As soon as the old man falls, it is easy to fracture?What causes osteoporosis

Usually, young people accidentally fell, and they usually patted their butt up, and everyone had never rest assured. As soon as the elderly are here, it is not the same. There are elderly people at home, but they are most afraid that the elderly will fall. The elderly are prone to fractures as soon as they fall. The main reason is that the bone is loose. Crispy is crispy. Don’t worry, there are more causes of osteoporosis, let’s take a look together!


What are the causes of osteoporosis?

Dietary habit

In life, a lot of eating habits often lead to osteoporosis. Excessive drinking will inhibit osteosocytes to form a new bone tissue. It really means that drinking is refreshing for a while, which leads to osteoporosis cremation. Excessive intake of carbonated drinks, coffee and salt can increase the loss of calcium in the body. Drinking more is not beneficial to avoid osteoporosis. Usually drink less.

Lack of exercise

The lack of exercise can also lead to osteoporosis. Do not love to move at home every day. The amount of activity is reduced. Once the amount of exercise of the human body is reduced, the regulation It is prone to osteoporosis.

Endocrine factors

Many women have osteoporosis during menopause, and changes in hormone levels in the body are also the cause of osteoporosis. If women’s estrogen levels are reduced, it will easily lead to decrease in calcium and active vitamin D. Changes cause the imbalance of bone metabolism and cause osteoporosis.

other factors

For middle -aged and elderly people, in addition to paying attention to preventing cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases, we also need to pay attention to prevent osteoporosis. Orthopedic loosening is very common in middle -aged and elderly people. The formation of osteogenesis in age has begun to decrease and bone degeneration. The body’s function slowly begins to decline, and the lack of nutrition of the body is also the main factor. Many people have the loss of osteoporosis because the osteoporosis is the loss of calcium, and the supply of phosphorus, trace elements, vitamins and protein is insufficient, which can easily cause osteoporosis.

Although osteoporosis is more common among middle -aged and elderly people, young people will still happen. To prevent osteoporosis, you have to start early.

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