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As soon as you drink urine, do you mean the kidney is good or the kidney is not good?The truth is here


What we have to do every day


Many people think that this urine is a “dirty” thing

Don’t want to take a look

Press the flushing keys immediately after the toilet

Then leave chic chic

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But do you know?

Frequency of urination, urine color, urine odor, etc.

Will change with the change of physical state

Urine is also the “barometer” of human health

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What are the performance of urine

Are you warning that there is a problem with your health?

Urination is a common thing people are accustomed to every day

But everyone’s urination habits have their own differences

Some people urinate as soon as they drink, suspecting that the kidney is not good

Actually the truth may not be the case

In theory

Water starts from entering the human body

To be treated into urine

This process takes about 30-45 minutes

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But people are complex individuals

Each person’s constitution is different

The environment and living habits you are located are also very different

This leads to everyone’s urination habits.

Affected by the above factors

Human urination time speeds up

It’s normal

But without the above situation

I still want to pee frequently

Consider the disease factors


When the human body is damaged, urinary system diseases (bladder, urethral lesions),

Prostate abnormalities, uterine fibroids, diabetes and other diseases

It will also cause symptoms such as frequent urination and urgency

As a result, the patient wants to urinate as soon as he drinks water

In short,

As soon as you drink water, there will be more urine

Not necessarily the kidney is not good

Need specific analysis, rational view

Except for urination frequency

The condition of urine is also closely related to human health

Take a look after urinating

Maybe life -saving!

Medical research discovery

The original urine generated within 24 hours of the human body

About 150-180 liters

The total urination volume is about 1000-2000 ml

Single urination is about 200-400 ml



The urine volume <100 ml of urination within 24 hours is identified as no urine

<400 ml is determined to be less urine

> 2.5 liters recognize more urine


Physiological no urine or less urine

It may be dehydrated or sweating too much

Pathological pathological no urine or less urine

It may be from stones, glomerular lesions, renal blood vessel stenosis,

Causes of renal failure, urinary tract obstruction, tumor and other diseases


Common in intake of water or diuretic drugs

Pathological and urine

It can be seen in kidney diseases, urine or urchin disease and other diseases


It may be due to severe exercise, drinking less water, and lifestyle in a short time

Even the high impact of urine is severe

Causes bubble urine

At this time, the foam in the urine can dissipate quickly

But sometimes foaming foamUrine may also be related to nephritis

Renitis leads to increased mucus and protein in urine


Therefore, it is also called proteinuria

The bubble in protein urine lasts for a long time

Often 10-30 minutes cannot be dispersed

Healthy urine is generally colorless or pale yellow

If you consume foods containing a large amount of pigment

Or take some drugs

Urine may also change color

But after stopping the intake, it will return to normal quickly


Diseases can also cause urine discoloration


Urine contain metabolic ingredients

There will be a bit of ammonia odor

But the “fresh urine” excreted in time

There is often no special taste

If you don’t get close, you will not smell the ammonia odor


When a special odor appears in urine

Often means disease

for example:

Rotten apple flavor → diabetic keto acid poisoning

Stimulate ammonia odor → cystitis

Rotten odor → bacterial infection


Live urine

It is a healthy “signal light”

The amount, color, and taste may be the signs of the disease

I hope everyone can look back at the toilet

Learn to keep urine health

Away from disease

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