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Asthma Dad’s right lungs almost “disappear”

I asked my wife to help myself cupping at home. I did not expect chest pain and dyspnea after ten minutes. The medical examination found that the right lung was almost “disappeared.”

The 65 -year -old Dad Wu has a history of bronchitis and asthma for more than ten years. Recently, the temperature difference between the morning and evening was large. He was cold when he was sleeping last Friday. Dad Wu felt that it was caused by the coldness of the cold, so he asked his wife to help cupping. A few minutes later, Dad Wu felt the cupping part very painful, thinking that it was normal, so he endured the pain. Who knew that after 10 minutes, he felt a panic in his right chest, and his breathing gradually became increasingly not smooth. Hurry up 120 and send him to the Houhu Hospital of Wuhan Central Hospital. The CT examination showed that Wu’s right lung was compressed by 90%, almost “disappeared”, and was diagnosed with spontaneous pneumothorax. Doctors performed minimally invasive surgery and successfully removed the alveolar through thoracoscopy. At present, Dad Wu’s recovery is good. The doctor judged that Dad Wu’s spontaneous pneumothorax was caused by cupping.

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Chen Baojun, Director of the Department of Cheung Surgery of Hospital, said that Dad Wu has a variety of chronic lung diseases, often accompanied by alveolar damage or liquid retention in the lungs. Such as traditional cupping health care, during the canal of the can, due to pain, local high temperature, etc., it is easy to cause changes in the pressure in the chest cavity, which causes sharp changes in internal and external pressure in the chest cavity in a short period of time. The chest cavity, thus pneumothorax. If the rescue is not timely, it is easy to cause life.

Chen Baojun reminded that patients with base diseases such as slow lung blocking and bronchial dilation need to be cautious. If cupping is really necessary, if cupping is really necessary to go to a regular medical institution and inform the doctor’s history to avoid harm to health.


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