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At the age of 17, they have begun hair loss, why are more and more young people from hair loss?

Medical Guidance: Professor Zhang Xingqi, Chief Physician of the Dermatology Department of the First Affiliated Hospital of Sun Yat -sen University

The hairline is retreating and the “Mediterranean” appears on the top of the head … Hair loss is originally an aging symbol that appears with age, and now more and more young people are entangled. The China Health Promotion and Education Association’s “China Hairstyle Survey” shows that our generation is earlier than the losses of their parents, and the age of hair loss has been 20 years in advance.

Whether it is a student who is still “dead” with professional classes or a young man who has entered the workplace, how to prevent loses has become the topic of your favorite discussion after a meal.

Why should I do my hair loss at a young age and what should I do if I do hair loss? Xiaojiu interviewed Professor Zhang Xingqi, chief physician of the dermatology department of the First Affiliated Hospital of Sun Yat -sen University.

The minimum patient is only 17 years old, which causes two reasons to cause younger hair loss.

23 -year -old Wang Xiao, studying in a junior in a college in Guangzhou, the basketball played well. He has always been very confident that he has become more and more inferior because the hair above the head is getting less and less. It’s right. He took the initiative to talk to his mother to see a doctor.

Professor Zhang Xingqi, chief physician of the Department of Dermatology, the First Affiliated Hospital of Sun Yat -sen University, said that in the past two years, the number of hair loss patients who came to the doctor have increased, and they are even more young. “One of the youngest patients I have been diagnosed is at the age of 17 and starts hair loss. Patients at 20-25 years old are very common. Young people who are now consulting are worried and anxious.”

At present, most young people complain about hair loss, androgen hair loss (referred to as “male bald”), and the incidence of men is much higher than women. Among the young people in my country, the incidence of male androgen hair loss is as high as 30%, which means that about 3 people with about 10 people in adult men have hair loss.

Astronomical hair loss has a lot to do with genetic inheritance. It is generally believed that “father and grandfather will lose hair, and his son will take off”, but half of them cannot find a family history. Why do patients with hair loss are getting younger and younger, Zhang Xingqi analyzed that there are two main reasons:

Reasons 1. The current young people are under pressure and high work intensity. Some people have worked overtime for half a month or stay up late for a long time, with great mental stress, and their hair will fall obviously for 1-2 months. Coupled with bad lifestyle, lack of sleep, and eating too greasy, can induce androgen secretion disorders, aggravate hair loss or cause it early.

Reasons 2. It is related to the appearance of modern people, such as their own hair, and more and more concerned. “I don’t think the incidence of hair loss has risen, but now I pay attention to hair loss, and the number of people who take the initiative to take the initiative have increased.” She said that in the previous concepts, hair loss is not ill, and now the social and economic level has improved. People are no longer satisfied with eating and warm, pursuing richer material life and spiritual life, and social entertainment activities have increased. In this era of looking at the face, any factors that affect personal image and lower face value will touch the hearts of young people.

Do not relieve self -rescue, these methods are not reliable

For young people, the hair loss brought by long -term sub -health is faster than the ICU. They were trapped in hair loss, and they initiated a wave of self -rescue, holding a group to warm up, replaced a variety of advanced shampoo, found a lot of recipes, and tried various prescriptions. In the end, there are mainly the following: ginger wipes the scalp to stimulate raw hair, eat walnuts and black sesame to help raw hair, wash your hair with beer, massage acupuncture, massage the scalp, and do scalp SPA care. Is these methods be useful to reduce hair loss?

“Most of these claims have no scientific basis and are not established.” Professor Zhang Xingqi said, “I have seen a lot of hair loss youths, and because of superstition of folk statement, I used a lot of recipes and secret recipes to delay the course of the disease.”

There is no drug that can delay the esteem of hair. Scalp massage to promote blood circulation, which is conducive to improving the micro -environment of the scalp, which can reduce the occurrence of dermatitis, but hair loss is not credible. There are many unsolved secrets of hair follicles, and so far, what is the decisive factor of the cycle of hair follicles. Therefore, don’t believe any defense.

“Ginger wipes the scalp, and its hair effect lacks evidence of evidence. This method has certain irritation, and people with sensitive skin are used with caution.” Zhang Xingqi never suggested that patients with hair loss with ginger wiped the scalp. It uses 5%Minnel, this medicine is confirmed that it has the effect of having a birth. “

According to small to 7 grades from small to large from small to small, level 2 hair loss is not obvious. It is obvious when it reaches level 3 of hair. However, hair loss is slowly progressing and cannot be cured. Drug treatment can be used before level 5 hair loss, but the effect is only one phase. Evidence -based medical certificates in the international medical community are effective. The preferred drug for the treatment of male androgen hair loss is oral male amine and topic Mino, at least for at least three months. Level 6 or even level 7 is the last stage. The treatment is difficult and often surgery -hair transplantation.

To prevent hair loss, young people seize two points

She pointed out that many young people now have irregular life. They stay up all night to play mobile phones every day. They are drilling and supper. They eat very greasy. As a result, they are high, high blood lipids, and high blood pressure in their twenties. As everyone knows, young people who suffer from the “three highs” in advance will appear in advance. Studies have found that young men with androgen hair loss have higher levels of blood lipids, and risk of cardiovascular disease such as coronary heart disease have increased significantly.

Zhang Xingqi reminded young people to really want to prevent hair loss and do well in the following two points.

First, to prevent resting hair loss, you should avoid excessive weight loss, reduce stress, do not worry, do not stay up late.Second, the key to preventing androgens from hair loss starts from the pace of life, maintain regular work, try to stay up late, reduce stress, maintain a happy mood, and have a healthy light dietary habit. Proper exercise is also important.

(Correspondent Liang Jiayun)

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Professor Zhang Xingqi, chief physician of the dermatology department of the First Affiliated Hospital of Sun Yat -sen University

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