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At the age of 70, I want to remarry and not be understood by my children.How to live a safe life

“The 70 -year -old father -in -law, half of the body has entered the loess, and now I said I want to find a wife again!”

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“The 56 -year -old father found AIDS, so ashamed of me to be self -contained …”

“I accidentally found that a lot of obscene discs were stored in my father’s drawer, all 63 -year -old people, just for the elderly!”

Professor P often heard some children’s embarrassing talk about the sex and love of parents, and his tone has a strong contempt and disdain. In the eyes of many young people, when people are old, they should “retire”. If they still have sexual needs at the age of 60, it is abnormal, and they are unreasonable.

Is this understanding correct? How old will human sexual desire continue? This issue explains in detail for everyone.

The elderly also have sexual needs.

In the middle -aged people, they were overwhelmed by their lives. The elderly people in the widow were knocked down by the violent loneliness, and their lives alternated in desire and emptiness. A large number of surveys show that it is not only young people who are eager to “sex”. The eagerness of the elderly for sex and love is not lower than that of young people, but we have been ignored by us.

A survey shows that 85%of young people believe that parents have no sexual life.

But in fact, it’s not! Many cities have quietly existence. The uncle and aunt not only dances the square here and dances Tai Chi, but also wants to find the object you like to himself.

After the death of the 62 -year -old Uncle Hu, after the death of his sick wife, he became an active member of a blind date. He followed the young people to fall in love and kiss on the street with the object; his sexual desire and physical strength are not inferior to young people, and the number of sexual sex is up to four times a day.

Uncle Wang, 70, has lived alone for three years. He wanted to find a wife again. He helplessly did not agree with his children and died. He was tortured by the emptiness day and night. As a result, Uncle Wang purchased special services, which led to infection with AIDS.

A large number of sexual medicine works, whether it is the Golden Scholarship Report, “Human sex” and “Hyett Sexual Report”, all of which have affirmed the sexual needs and performance of the elderly. The sexual life of most elderly people is over 70 years old. Among them, the sexual life of nearly half of the elderly is around 80 years old.

Medical research shows that the elderly maintain a proper sexual life and be more physical and mental. Healthy sex can healthy breasts and ovaries, make the skin beautiful, reduce the risk of prostate cancer, and help improve sleep.

Ma Xiaonian, chief physician of the Department of Sexual Medicine of Yuquan Hospital of Tsinghua University, said that proper sexual life can bring two benefits to the elderly: one to regulate the brain nervous system, enhance the body’s adaptability, and help maintain the balance of physiological function; the second is to enjoy sexuality The pleasure, through mutual comfort, is conducive to getting rid of the loneliness and anxiety of old age.

The longest age of sexual desire varies from person to person, 95%of the 80 -year -olds in China still have sexual impulse

According to foreign surveys, the best sexual life of single men is 64 years old, while the best sexual life of single women is two years older than men, 66 years old.

“I still have sex!” This is a sentence of American supermodel Carmendell’Reface. At the age of 83, he generously responded to the media. His face was proud and beautiful, which made countless young girls envy.

Many people began to stay away from sex after entering the old age, but Carmendell could never give up. She described sexual life like breathing and was indispensable.

Sexual impulses are produced under the common action of sex hormones and internal and external environmental stimuli. Although the level of sexual hormones decreases with age, in the age, it is not necessarily no sexual desire, and the performance may not necessarily decrease with age.

A sexual survey of more than 5,000 singles in the United States shows that when some elderly people are 80-90 years old, they will still have sexual intercourse, experience oral sex or masturbation. Similarly, China ’s discovery of an old-age life survey, after entering the elderly, even when he is 65-80 years old, 95%of the elderly have sexual impulse.

The elderly become the main force of AIDS, how to live a safe life

Because the sexual needs of the elderly have been neglected for a long time, they secretly solve their physiological and psychological needs, and unknown and casual unsafe behaviors frequently occur frequently. Like teenagers, the elderly are also lacking sexual health knowledge. Even many people think that when they are older, they have no ability to get pregnant or conceived their ability to get pregnant.

Ma Xiaonian pointed out that women usually have no fertility after the age of 45, but men’s testicles still produce sperm before death. As long as they have sex with women of childbearing age, they may cause the other party to become pregnant.

The harm is not only there, but also the sexual behavior of not wearing a set will also push the elderly to the abyss of sexually transmitted diseases. According to data released by the China Centers for Disease Control and Prevention Center, men at the age of 60 have become the main force of AIDS. According to the statistics of the United Nations AIDS Planning Department (UNIAIDS), about 35.3 million patients with AIDS in 2014, of which nearly 4.2 million were elderly patients.

Compared to young AIDS patients, more fear and concerns of elderly patients are often ashamed to seek medical treatment. Due to the late and not timely treatment, the proportion of death is much higher than that of AIDS patients of other ages. Experts emphasize that the elderly need to enhance sexual health knowledge, pay attention to their physical conditions when living sex, and control the scale.

1. Each sexual behavior should be used throughout the process. Wearing a suit is both contraception and preventing various sexually transmitted infections.

2. Maintain suitable sex frequency. 51-60 years old can have sexual life 2-3 times a month, enter the old age, and the sex life is maintained more than once.

3. In sexual life, do not pursue fierce ways to obtain pleasure, do your best, and be patient. Especially with chronic basic diseases with hypertension and heart disease, sexual life should pay more attention to mildness.

4. Sexual time should choose a strong moment of energy, such as the morning is more suitable.

5. Elderly women’s hormones are low, and the vagina is often relatively dry. Men require patient guidance. When appropriate, use lubricants to help.

in conclusion:

There is still sexual needs in the age of 50. This is a normal physiological phenomenon, and the elderly and children should face up. The duration of sexual desire varies from person to person, and most of the elderly between the ages of 65 and 80 still have sexual impulse. Call for the elderly to live a safe life, one must wear a sleeve, and the other must not be fierce. Third, pay attention to the accidental occurrence.

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