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At the beginning, buying stationery for children should be alert to these hidden dangers!

In the past two days, the carnival of parents in the circle of friends has been frequently brushed. As primary and secondary school students start school, parents have also begun to celebrate, and finally sent the beasts back to school. At the beginning of the new semester, purchasing new stationery is a must -have homework for parents. When it comes to stationery, 39 parenting should remind everyone that children will be in close contact with stationery every day, so security is very important, and the market is not in the market. In fact, there are hidden safety hazards in stationery, and parents must be vigilant.

1. Book (pirated book)

Toxic substances: lead, hexavalent chromium


Potential hazards: A solid material test report made by the Chinese Environmental Science Society entrusted the Tsinghua University Environmental Quality Inspection Center showed that some pirated books were 100 times higher than the lead content of similar authentic books. Chroma. Studies of the World Health Organization found that high -concentration lead contact can damage the brain and central nervous system, causing coma, convulsions, and even death.

2. Bao Shupi

Poisonous: phthalate, polygon aromatic hydrocarbons

Potential hazards: Diabenate can interfere with endocrine and cause reproductive and developmental disorders of children, pregnant women. Use. Polycontic aromatics are strong carcinogens. The European Union, the United States, New Zealand and other countries and regions have issued laws on restrictions and prohibiting polychic aromatics.

3. Workbook

Toxic substances: fluorescent whitening agent

Potential hazards: Excessive intake of fluorescent whitening agents will cause harm to children’s vision and skin, especially elementary school students who have not yet matured and have relatively weak resistance.

4. Pen bag

Toxic substances: formaldehyde, heavy metal

Potential hazards: Formaldehyde affects immunity, and may also cause respiratory dysfunction and liver poisoning lesions. Heavy metal damage to the development of the brain can also cause a variety of diseases and carcinogenic.

5. fluorescence pen

Toxic substances: fluorescent agent

Potential hazards: The fluorescent agent is not easy to decompose in the human body. If a large amount of accumulation in the body, it will greatly reduce the immunity of the human body. If a large amount of accumulation is accumulated in the liver or other important organs, it will also become a potential carcinogenic factor.

How to avoid the “safety hazards” of stationery?

The stationery is an item that children will be exposed to almost every day. The safety of stationery is about the health of the child. Therefore, parents must not take it lightly, and they must be cautious when buying stationery.


Don’t buy “Three None” products: Be sure to choose the products of regular manufacturers. Do not buy Sanwu products at small roadside shops because of greed. Check out information such as the name of the production factory, site, telephone, use instructions, product inspection qualification certificate when purchasing.

Don’t buy too high stationery “value”: the higher the stationery “face value”, the more complicated the manufacturing process, the more chemicals it adds, the greater the harm to the human body.

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Do not choose the incense stationery: the stationery with fragrance often contains harmful substances such as benzene and formaldehyde. Long -term contact will seriously affect the child’s health and may even cause cancer.

Don’t buy white paper: Over white paper usually uses fluorescent whitening agents. It is recommended to choose a priority to buy the inner core paper whiteness and soft colors.

Develop good hygiene habits: Correct the habit of bite stationery in children, wash your hands in time after using stationery, and avoid learning while eating to prevent “poison from the mouth”.

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