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At the end of the year, the key point 3 can be taken off if you can take off the order success.

At the end of the year, many leftover women had to start to worry about how to “explain” the family. Without a boyfriend, there is no blind date, and there is no marriage partner. The elders in the family will definitely arrange a blind date. So how to get yourself a good start in the first blind date and how to grasp the details so that you can not let love slip away quietly?

At the end of the year, the key point 3 can be taken off if you can take off the order success.

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1. Choose a restaurant that is suitable for music

The first date is always a bit nervous, so it is even better to choose a quiet restaurant, and warm music! Tests show that soft music is more likely to make women feel good about men, and jazz may be completely silent.

Second, make full use of body language

Experience shows that “body language” can often pass more information to the other party and express richer emotions. If you have a bad ability, you need to use your body language. According to calculations, the first impact you left to the other party at the first date depends on the appearance and “body language”, 38%depends on it depends on it. Speaking skills, only 7%depend on what you speak.

Third, good send text messages

Sending text messages is one of the important contact information of modern people. In some cases, using SMS, there are many disadvantages, so try to avoid it.

(1) When there are differences in opinions. When a lover or husband and wife have differences or contradictions, SMS communication is prone to misunderstandings and even worsen the relationship. The best way at this time is to communicate in person.

(2) The first date has just ended. After a happy first date with men, you may want to contact him, but please don’t send him a text message immediately. After just separation, I sent text messages, which may weaken men’s interest and expectations for you.

(3) When drunk. When drinking too much, you may lose your mind. If you don’t want him to see your incoherent look, please turn off your phone after drunk, don’t call, let alone send text messages impulse.

(4) Men feels embarrassing. If he does something that feels on his face, such as admitting the wrong way, paying less salary, difficulty in working at work, etc., please do not send text messages immediately to comfort him. This will make him feel that you remember his cowardly side. It is best to accompany him at this moment or change the topic.

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