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Athlete is not “small things”, and choosing medicines is critical

First, hormone -containing medicines are unprecedented: Lin Yan’s athletes almost trigger “murder cases”, and hormone ointment is the biggest “accomplice”. Experts point out that although hormone drugs can relieve allergic itching, the hormone -containing hormone has become a nutritional agent of fungi and allows fungi to reproduce. Therefore, use hormone -free athlete medicines, etc.

Second, the effect of medicinal effects is more likely to cure: the duration of the medicine of beriberi medicine is often not valued by patients. In fact, if the efficacy time is short, it will not only cause trouble because it needs to be applied multiple times a day, but also affects the treatment effect because it cannot be persisted.

Third, penetrate 7 layers of the skin, sterilization is more thorough: human skin has 7 layers, and the fungal fungus of the beets is spread every layer. If the medicine cannot penetrate the deepest skin, and the athletes seem to be cured. In fact, the skin is deeply “latent” with a large amount of fungi. When the body’s immunity is reduced or encountered a high temperature and humid environment again It is more serious at a time. Therefore, choose athletes that can penetrate 7 layers of skin.

(Editor in charge: Xie Xiao)

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