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“Autumn diarrhea” is like a tiger, and the wheel virus is highly contagious!Experts recommend vaccination in time

The child “vomit and pull”, “autumn diarrhea” is like a tiger! The World Health Organization pointed out that diarrhea disease is the second major cause of death in the world under 5 years of age, especially diarrhea caused by rotary virus.

Cao Qing, director of the Department of Infection of the Children’s Medical Center of Shanghai Jiaotong University, said in an interview on the 24th that in the autumn infection diarrhea, rotary virus is one of the main culprits, which is better at children between 6 weeks and 2 years old. She pointed out that due to the high contagion of wheel virus, parents need to pay attention to disease protection. The current vaccination vaccine is the best means to prevent rotor virus infection.

It is reported that rotavirus is the primary cause of severe dehydration diarrhea under 5 years of age in the world. In China, rotor virus infections can occur throughout the year. Each autumn and winter diseases are particularly high, so it will be called “autumn diarrhea”.

“Unlike ordinary diarrhea, rotary virus diarrhea has the characteristics of ‘three more, one less”, that is, the number of children with a large number of stools can be pulled 10 to 20 times a day; water -like diarrhea becomes more; the amount of stool becomes more and the amount of urination becomes less. Because rotary virus diarrhea can cause dehydration of children, it will even endanger life under severe cases. “Cao Qing added that” diarrhea is one of the important causes of death in children under 5 years of age in the world, which is closely related to rotor virus infection. In addition to gastrointestinal symptoms, rotavirus may also infringe myocardial, kidney, liver, and lungs, and these symptoms are often more severe. Roman virus may also enter blood, leading to whole body infection. “

During the interview, Cao Qing emphasized: “For young children, pay special attention. If diarrhea occurs repeatedly within 2 years of birth, it may affect growth and development and cognitive functions. It affects the function of the intestinal tract to lactose absorption, causing lactose intoxication, and the child vomits as soon as it eats milk.

The expert introduced that the wheeled virus is mainly transmitted through the dung port, and it will also spread through the airway droplets and the close contact with people. Children may infect rotavirus in kindergartens, schools, and hospitals. And the rotavirus is very cunning, acid -resistant and alkaline, and it is difficult to completely remove it. Studies have shown that wheeled viruses can survive for several hours on their hands and can survive on the surface of the object for several days.

“What needs to be specifically explained is that the caregivers of infants and young children may also transmit the virus to their children. Many parents are puzzled that my children can not go out. How can they be infected with the virus?” It feels that adults may also be infected with rotavirus. They are mostly asymptomatic infections, but they still have the ability to spread viruses. They bring the virus to the child in kissing, hugging, and care rooms with their children. “

“Unfortunately, there is currently no rotavirus diarrhea special drug. Doctors can only provide symptomatic treatment methods such as oral tonic salt or infusion to solve the problem of dehydration of children. For severe children, diarrhea will also be accompanied by vomiting, which will cause failure to fail to fail, resulting in failure Oral salt salt, but you must find a way to relieve dehydration and avoid further harm. “Cao Qing bluntly.

“The important goal of vaccination is to prevent severe illnesses.” Cao Qing pointed out that in fact, the mortality rate of rotavirus diarrhea in recent years has shown a significant decline. Rate to reduce the burden on the disease. Cao Qing admits that vaccination is actually the most economical prevention and control.

“There are many types of poisonous strains in rotary viruses. China’s main rotavirus epidemic strains can be divided into G and P types. There are many serum types in the two categories, and the G type and P type are crossed together. There will be a lot of serum types. This is why the child may still be infected with other different strain types even after a rotary virus heal. “Cao Qing introduced,” At present G1, G2, G3, G4, G9. “

Cao Qing reminded the public that no matter which kind of rotary virus vaccine, there is a clear vaccination window period. For example, the first dose of the five-virus vaccine vaccine needs to be taken between 6-12 weeks and cannot be supplemented. She suggested that the wheel virus vaccine was vaccinated as soon as possible, and early vaccination was carried out early protection. “There are two advantages of rotary virus vaccine, one is oral vaccine, and the baby does not need to suffer from acupuncture; the other is that through reasonable planning, the wheel vaccine can be vaccinated at the same time as other muscle injections.” Cao Qing said that newborns need to take over inoculation. There are a lot of vaccines. In order to avoid missing the time of vaccination, it is recommended that newborns parents communicate with the vaccine vaccination with the vaccine vaccination in time when the second -pins of hepatitis B vaccine (4 weeks) is vaccinated.

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