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Avoid “blind spots” against reproductive infections

The urinary disease summarizes several characteristics:

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First, the trend of high incidence of urinary diseases is obvious, and infectious inflammation such as prostatitis and reproductive infections before;

Second, the situation of “emergency medical treatment” is more common, reflecting that people must standardize and pay attention to the lack of understanding and attention to urinary diseases;

The third is that the phenomenon of “not in a hurry and not investing for medical treatment” is serious. Many people do not pay attention to the symptoms of the disease. They don’t even know that they have a problem with the body. When they are serious, they will seek medical treatment.

The number of male outpatient patients has increased significantly. In this regard ,rocardial experts said that among these patients, 38%of patients with acute prostatitis, 31%of urogenital infections, too long foreskin, and phimosis and other patients also account for a certain percentage. And these patients have changed urination, such as frequent urination, urgency, pain, urinary drops, urinary dyspnea, urethral dusk, hematuria, etc. Expressive symptoms of nervous system.

It should be reminded that because the main organ of the male urinary and reproductive department has the characteristics of connecting with each other and the communication of the pipelines, when a certain organ is led, it will be manifested through the urination process and urine. In addition to the damage itself, it often leads to complications such as inflammation spread, sexual dysfunction, and infertility. Therefore, men must pay close attention to the small changes in the urination process. Once certain symptoms occur, they must go to a regular hospital for careful examination in time, and perform scientific and standardized treatment in time. Do not do your doctor because of men’s face.

To deal with reproductive infections and avoid entering “blind spots”

Reproductive infections usually refer to sex diseases. The most familiar are syphilis, gonorrhea, warts, herpes, etc. In a broad sense, urinary system infections such as urethritis and orchitis. Urinary infections will be infected with each other in time, causing other reproductive diseases.

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Generally, many people think that reproductive infection diseases are related to unclean behavior. Patients are easily misunderstood by others in traditional concepts, causing family disputes. Therefore, patients often conceal their condition and do not diagnose and treat them in time. The condition is worse. In fact, there are many causes of reproductive infection.

Many patients often deny the condition in front of the doctor due to fear and guilt, or suspend the life of husband and wife to cover up their disease. Experts from Jinhua Tongji Urology Hospital believe that as long as the correct diagnosis and treatment psychology is established, cooperate with professional doctors, receive regular chemical treatment, and at the same time correct bad living habits. The reproductive system infection disease can be effectively treated.

(Intern editor: Li He)

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