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Avoid the following things before gynecological examination

Now, after the age of 35, the incidence of tumors has gradually increased, so women over 35 years of age should check gynecology once a year. But this is not to say that young women can take it lightly, because the age of the onset of many diseases is gradually younger. For unmarried women, due to hymen, gynecological examinations generally do not do vaginal examinations. Gynecological examination is the protective god of women’s health. To ensure the smooth progress of gynecological examinations, the following things should be avoided before gynecological examination:

1. Vaginal irrigation

Because washing the potential cancer cells that might be tested through sliced ​​examinations. The best time to launch is the first three days of examination, but most doctors do not agree with the irrigation, so they will rush to some beneficial bacteria that can prevent infection.

2. No condoms during intercourse

Because the semen flows into the sliced ​​samples, it covers abnormal cells.

3. Use vaginal drugs

Such as the treatment of vaginal infections, lubricants, or anti -kill creams, because these drugs can affect sample samples and cover abnormal cells. In addition, during vaginal and pelvic examinations, doctors cannot see the internal wrap.

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4. Be prepared for questions

Experts suggest that patients should think about all the questions they want to ask.

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