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Avoid tightness and superstition?The healthy diet of cancer patients is here!

Diet is a very important part of the treatment and rehabilitation process of tumor patients. Many patients will enter misunderstandings such as starvation cancer cells, tight tightness, and superstition recipes on this issue.



In fact, the diet of tumor patients is not as strict as we think, and should not be overly paid attention to.Excessive taboos may cause uneven nutrition. It is harmful to the treatment and rehabilitation of patients. It is more important than taboo. In fact, nutrition is balanced.

During treatment, the appetite of tumor patients may be good or bad.There may be a decline in appetite (less than usual than usual) or prematurely (I feel full after eating).So, what should cancer patients eat in treatment to help treat rehabilitation?

Avoid tightness and superstition?The healthy diet of cancer patients is here!

1. Eat less meals

For example, eat 6 to 8 meals a day instead of 3 main meals.Eat every few hours.Don’t wait until you are hungry.

2. Ensure the intake of moisture

Calculate the daily water consumption (pound) divide by 2. The source of healthy liquid includes: water, 100%fruit juice, vegetable juice, low -fat or dehydrated milk, soup and soup.

3. Condition enough heat and protein

Plant proteins, such as nuts, beans, beans and seeds, in addition, there are white meat poultry, fish, lean meat red meat, low -fat or skilled dairy products and eggs.The average daily daily intake of the United States’ proposed health is 0.8 grams per kilogram (0.36 grams per pound), but cancer patients should work hard to reach 1.2 grams per kilogram.For patients who cannot obtain sufficient protein from food, nutrition should be supplemented in the form of protein powder.

4. Keep weight and nutrition reserves

During the treatment, the demand for calorie and protein usually increases.Usually food selection and diet models may need to be temporarily changed.Patients may need to eat more cheese, eggs, sauce, oil and artificial butter, instead of eating a low -fat diet of a lot of fruits and vegetables.

Conditioning composite carbohydrates.The most ideal is all grains, vegetables and fruits. They provide both the necessary nutrition and the intestinal microorganisms.

5. Meal experience

You can add different colors and textures to food to make the meals more appetite.At the same time, dining with family or friends in a happy and relaxed environment can also make meals a beautiful experience.

In addition, the treatment method and the type of tumor are different, and the patient’s diet should be different.For example, when receiving radiotherapy for pelvic tumors, patients may have symptoms such as frequent urination and urgency, which can take an appropriate amount of baking soda to make the urine alkaline.For another example, patients with breast cancer, ovarian and uterine tumors should avoid estrogen and progesterone levels, so try to avoid consumption of health products that may cause estrogen to increase.

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