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Babies are always diarrhea?Five “culprits” are going out!

Raising a hundred years old, often worry about ninety -nine. The development of the newborn digestive system is not yet mature. Once the parents are feeding and improper care, the baby may suffer from diarrhea. Parents escort for their children’s growth. If your own baby often diarrhea, parents should pay attention to it!

For babies who are in a critical period of development, diarrhea often occurs and improper care of them may cause the condition to worsen, and even life -threatening! A variety of factors may cause baby diarrhea.

1. Gastitis

Gastroenteritis is also a gastrointestinal cold, which is a kind of inflammation of the gastrointestinal and intestine, which can cause diarrhea from infants, children and adults. Gastroenteritis can be caused by many different viruses. The most common pathogenic is a romance virus, which occurs in the end of autumn and early winter. If your baby is diarrhea and is accompanied by gastric cramps, vomiting, and low fever, it is likely to be gastroenteritis.

2. Bacterial infection

If the baby has severe diarrhea, there are vomiting, abdominal pain, blood stool, fever, etc., often caused by viruses or bacteria, such as E. coli and Salmonella. Some bacterial infections can heal themselves, but some may also be treated very seriously. If your baby has the above symptoms, parents should take the baby to the hospital as soon as possible.

Third, parasite infection

Parasitic infection may also cause diarrhea. For example, Jia Diwa disease (also known as pear -shaped whip caterpillars) is caused by a parasite parasitic that can only be seen in a microscope. Parasites during collective life are easy to spread, and special drug treatment is needed. Therefore, developing good hygiene habits, such as changing diapers to wash your hands, is the best way to terminate parasitic infection and spread.

Fourth, drug factors

If your baby has diarrhea during antibiotics or after treatment, the baby’s diarrhea may be related to the drug. Tell your doctor to see if you can switch to other drugs or therapies.

Food factors

Drinking too much juice or too much sugar -containing drink may also make the baby’s stomach uncomfortable and thinner stool. The solution is to give babies to eat this kind of food. It is recommended not to drink fruit juice for babies less than 6 months. After 6 months of your baby, the daily intake of fruit juice should not be excessive. Improper recipe milk can also cause the baby’s diarrhea. Parents should pay attention to adding water when they are milk.

Do you know the cause of diarrhea in children. Do you know the causes of diarrhea mentioned above? Finally, I remind you that nervous children parents, although diarrhea is high, does not mean that parents can treat their children casually. There are different types of diarrhea. Improper medication not only delay treatment, but also causes deterioration of the disease.

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