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Babies are prone to diarrhea in summer. Parents pay attention to: should be dealt with like this


With the arrival of summer, the temperature is also rising, and summer is the high incidence of diarrhea, especially children, and the body’s resistance is not so strong. Children diarrhea? How to care after diarrhea? Let’s take a look together.

◆ Types of baby diarrhea

1. Non -infective diarrhea

Most of them belong to mild diarrhea, manifested in stools, with sour odor, no pus and mucus, less than 10 daily bowel movements, and water loss symptoms are not obvious. Most of them are caused by irregular diet and indigestion.

2. Infectious diarrhea

The stool is water -like, with a large amount, often with mucus, even pus and pus, and has more than 10 daily bowel movements. It is accompanied by vomiting, dehydration, abdominal distension, fever, irritability or mental weakness. Mostly caused by bacteria.

In summer, diarrhea is especially based on bacterial infections. A few are virus infections. Children in all ages are susceptible to onset. Pediatrics can be slow or urgent, and severe septic, shock, encephalopathy, myocardial damage, etc. may occur. Once the child has infectious diarrhea, parents should not take the medicine by themselves. They should go to the hospital for diagnosis and treatment in time. Under the guidance of medical staff, they should be used reasonably to prevent and correct dehydration, acid poisoning and electrolyte disorders.

◆ How to prevent baby diarrhea

1. Promote breastfeeding. Because breast milk is rich in nutrition and easy to absorb, breast milk also contains immunoglobulin, which can prevent bacteria from invading intestinal mucosa and have anti -infective ability. In addition, breastfeeding is also hygienic and is not vulnerable to bacterial pollution.

2. Mixed professional diarrhea milk powder. If you usually do not eat breast milk, you must use professional anti -diarrhea powder to resist seasonal diarrhea.

3. Boil and disinfect the utensils every day. It is best to use a bowl of spoon to breastfeed, because the bottle is easy to pollute, and it is not easy to completely wash and disinfect, especially the pacifier.

4. Cultivate your baby’s good hygiene habits. Washing your hands before meals, do not drink raw water, do not eat metamorphic food, and wash raw fruits.

5. The temperature of the air conditioner should not be too low. It is advisable to use 27 ° C -28 ° C. Try not to turn on the air conditioner in the baby’s room. You can turn on the air conditioner through the room next door. Air.

6. Don’t always put the leftovers in the refrigerator. The refrigerator is not a “safe”. Food is still possible to deteriorate and contaminate bacteria.

◆ How to treat children’s diarrhea symptoms

1. Supplement a lot of liquid

Diarrhea is directly related to a large amount of water loss, so it may cause dehydration or other health problems. If you want to treat diarrhea, oral replenishment is absolutely necessary.

2. Only take the medicine if necessary

Under normal circumstances, doctors do not prescribe antibiotics to children who have diarrhea, but let their bodies resist bacteria by themselves, but if your child is caused by the decline in immunity, oral antibiotic drugs may be necessary.

3. Avoid solid food

At this time, you should avoid providing your baby’s solid food, and it is best to provide light liquid. Once the baby’s bowel movement is more regular, or vomiting stops, you start to provide light food that is easy to digest.

4. Avoid processing food

If your child is diarrhea, you should avoid any processing foods or sugar -containing drinks. If your child is still drinking mother milk, you don’t have to worry, you can still feed him.

5. Monitor your child’s body temperature

Monitor your child’s body temperature at any time. If the baby has a high fever, you should immediately take him to seek medical treatment to check if there are other health problems to let the baby reduce fever.

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