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Babies mycoplasma infection, why is it not good to cough?These reasons are all listed for you

Children’s branch infection is a common disease of children, and it is also a common condition that parents need to pay attention to. Children’s branches infection is mainly manifested as pneumonia, which may occur throughout the year, but it is more common in the late summer and early autumn. Children’s branches infection is mainly transmitted by air. The substances sprayed by patients with sneezing contain a large amount of pathogenic substances such as pneumonia. After healthy children are inhaled, they will be susceptible to infection and illness.

Babies mycoplasma infection, why is it not good to cough?These reasons are all listed for you

Why does children’s branch infection cause repeated cough?

The main symptoms of children’s branches infection are cough. This is because pneumoniacoplasma will be parasitic in the cilia of the respiratory tract after entering the body and absorb the nutrition of the respiratory cells by damage the cell membrane. In this process, the original appreciation of pneumonia can produce substances such as nucleic acid enzymes and hydrogen peroxide, which causes the respiratory tract epithelial cells to die, which leads to constant cough.

In addition to cough, what are the symptoms of children’s branch infection?

Childbores’ primary infections are mainly pneumonia caused by pneumoniacura infections. Because children’s branch primary infections do not have specific clinical manifestations, misdiagnosis will also occur. In addition to the main symptoms of cough, children are also prone to fever at the beginning, and the body surface temperature can even reach 39 ° C. In addition, children’s supporting primary infections can also cause damage to multiple external organs, leading to other symptoms, such as myocarditis, nephritis, and meningitis. In terms of clinical manifestations, pneumonia caused by children’s branch infections can also cause digestive system damage, showing symptoms such as vomiting, nausea, abdominal pain, and diarrhea. Therefore, although children’s branch infection is a common disease, it is necessary to attract the attention of parents.

Babies mycoplasma infection, why is it not good to cough?These reasons are all listed for you

What kind of medicine should be taken for children’s branch infection?

If the child infection is not serious, the disease can be recovered automatically through the human body’s immune function. If parents of children who want to shorten children’s illness, or have a serious condition of child support, they can be treated with drugs. Drug therapy is mainly divided into traditional Chinese medicine and western medicine treatment.

In western medicine treatment, the preferred is erythromycin, and penicillin cannot be used, because mycoplasma is not sensitive to it. Erythromycin has a strong treatment effect on children’s branch infections, which can effectively relieve symptoms and shorten the disease period. Of course, many parents are worried that the treatment of western medicine on children’s body has a great impact and is afraid of reducing drug resistance.

Therefore, under normal circumstances, we can use a combination of traditional Chinese medicine or traditional Chinese and western medicine. The treatment of traditional Chinese medicine is to strengthen the human immune system function through drugs, but play a treatment effect. Modern medicine found that the gold and silver flowers and Huang Cen of clearing heat and detoxifying, the raw land that regulates immune function, the oranges that relieve cough and phlegm, and properly consume Chinese medicine, which can effectively alleviate the symptoms of children’s cough and fever. Effect.

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Babies mycoplasma infection, why is it not good to cough?These reasons are all listed for you

The combined treatment of traditional Chinese medicine and western medicine is a more recommended method for modern clinical treatment. On the one hand, it can prevent western medicine from reducing the physical damage and over -consumption resistance of the body, and on the other hand, it can give full play to the characteristics of good the effectiveness of western medicine and shorten the treatment time of children’s branch infections.

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